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WOW… I’m A Grampa!!

Yes that’s right. This old man is a grandpa and that’s cool with me. Page is her name and she is one precious lil’ thing.  Jennifer and Shawn live in Barrie so I don’t get to sniff Page as much as I would like. As soon as she is old enough to be left at Grampa’s house …sleepovers will last for days.





Team work






OK this proves it…she is definitely a Ridout


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Wendy - You’re the only photographer I’ve seen so far who’s captured a baby’s nose! Those little spots, that special texture. Wonderful.

jose Paulo - Totally second Hodgy”s comments…congratulations buddy.

~gino~ - Congrats on the greatest photography subject you will ever have.


Paula Veverka - Congratulations Mark! She is going to be one photographed little angel!

judy kay bryan - Congratulations, She is just BEAUTIFUL you must be so very proud!!

Hodgy - Congrats. Love the last image the best, seems she takes after grandpa.

Tammy Perdue-Coad - Congrats, Mark!!!!! She is absolutely gorgeous. Being a grampa certainly blends well with you… So pleased someone captured that on film!!!!

Jil - I just wanted to say, amazing photographs!! Absolutely beautiful daughter Jen and Shawn have. I also looked at some other photos and they are AMAZING. Excellent work for sure.

shauna anderson - OMG she is absolutly beautiful WOW!!! Congrats Jen being a mommy is amazing..Enjoy ever moment it goes buy so fast…she is so sweet!

Terri Pretty - She’s absolutely beautiful! Photos are amazing!
(Shawn is my cousin)

Michelle Truax - Wow these pics of Page are incredible. I’m Shawn’s sister Michelle and this side of the family is equally ecstatic to welcome Page into the world and family as well as Jen into the family. The pics are great and we were anxious to see them and Shawn just called to tell us they were up on the site and they look great.

L. Grof - Congratulations Grandpa! Page, looks sooooooo sweet and perfect. You have a lot of fun days ahead of you . . . enjoy!

Elaine - Hey there,

I just found your blog and I must say I love your style and your photos! Congrats on becoming a grampa and I love the pictures of your granddaughter especially the second photo! They are all awesome!!

Krystal - Congrats Grandpa! She’s adorable!

D'Arcy and Angela - Congratulations from D’Arcy and Angela!

Margaret - Baby is so cute… amazing to see Mom in her eye..

Peter - Congratulations Mark !!! . As always AWESOME images the CREATIVITY and SHARPENESS in your images is simply AMAZING.

As for the last post, your blog displays fine is just the bottom of your home page that won’t display fully. The terms and music :). You may want to tell your web developer.

trina schaetz - My goodness!!. i have seen neat reflections in subject’s eyes before, but a newborn’s mom so sharply rendered as in this one. WOW!

Jennifer - Congrats. She’s a beauty.

Melissa Winsley - Congrats – she’s so precious & the pictures are AMAZING!

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