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Why So Long?

Amanda & Dave

Ever wonder why wedding photos take so long? I wanted to bring back a post I made some time ago. I put my heart and soul into each and every wedding package I create. The printed books are thought out carefully to present the couple in a unique and personal way. I do not cookie cut my packages in any way. In 2009 I broke all records that I had previously set and took on more weddings then any other year in the thirty years I have been shooting weddings. Along with weddings I shoot family sessions and commercial work locally. This has all added to the workload of two thousand and nine and the reason I post today. I came across Anne Ruthmann’s Blog Post and she explains it so well. After reading it I thought I would share it here with past couples, future couples and of course the handful of couples still waiting for there completed packages. For those couples who I shot in 2008-2009 and have received there wedding packages please feel free to jump in and give your thoughts. As for myself, after a wedding I come home with approx 1500-2000 images depending on the size and length of the wedding and event. I will then go through all of the images in Adobe Lightroom and choose the images I will be using for the book and slideshow. Approx 300-500 images will be edited from this stage. From these I choose my favourites for the blog and for the website. I don’t blog everything I shoot but do my best to at least get one or two up there. Again that’s another area that requires a lot of attention. The remaining are processed to make them look their absolute best. I am always looking at ways to streamline the process and 2010 will be just as challenging. Many photographers out source a lot of the preparation including album design and photoshop enhancements. I haven’t gone that route because I find it difficult to let that creative touch go. It is those touches that make my work unique. Once the product is delivered it is then that the newlyweds realize the hard work, creativity and passion that went into each of their wedding package elements. A recent father-of-the-bride said it best when I happened across him while grocery shopping. I was telling him that it wouldn’t be too much longer for his daughters wedding….he stopped me mid sentence. “Mark, I have already told her….you can’t rush an artist” Ok…thats off me chest ….back to work

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