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victoria park benches + garbage cans = bad award

The Lindsay Good , Bad and Ugly Award this week goes to the person or persons responsible for  placing a garbage can beside every bench along Kent Street  in front of Victoria Park. Ok… I’m not a landscape architect but common sense would tell me that any park design would not include a garbage can two feet away from a fixed bench. The heat of summer mixed with a half eaten hot dog, a sub sandwich and a dozen wasps flying in and out of the garbage don’t make for an enjoyable rest stop. What the hell were they thinking?

bench and bucket - Victoria Park Lindsay

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Elizabeth - Eesh! It is a bad combo. I was sitting on one of those benches yesterday and thinking about what bad placement it was. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that.

Tom - Mark, I think this is what’s referred to as style above stink.

Angie - We have the same problem in Kansas City at several parks.

karen - But they match!!!!!

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