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The Return Of Jacob

Jacob is paying us another visit. You may remember Jacob from last year where he was treated  to many exciting events.  “Hi Dad I’m having a great time and I’m going to blow up an apple” may have been the highlight of Jacobs last visit. It’s March break and our boys are happy to spend time with their cousin. Welcome back Jacob.

A few images from Jacobs last visit 🙂


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Mark Ridout - Yiannis…you have such a way with words. Translated into English I think it says you want to marry me.

Yiannis - Mark I wonder… Do you ever let that camera down and your eyes off of her?
How can you otherwise possibly get those amazing moments like the first and last? I mean Jacob in the first is just a fraction of a moment from getting out of the funniest picture of himself ever; while happier than ever of your welcome at the same time. The last is just shouting “Come on…is he really gonna throw it now?” And you can feel it. But the timing of the click again?
For crying out loud. Do you own any MarkOS 16 or something we don’t know attached to your eye clicking by the blink of some 3rd eye of yours?
Ok the 2 in the middle could be because of the director’s setup. Still they are whole stories by themselves.
What can I say. Thank god you’re not around. Who knows how would I look if you captured me during my jaw-drop 🙂 I bet even Jacob would have the best laughs with that…

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