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The Flynn Family

Another great Lindsay Ontario family session on the books with some more examples coming in the next little while. Here is one from a new favorite location I discovered recently.

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Mark Ridout - Hopefully you get in…….

Jim - Just signed up for the all day class. Says it’s sold out, but I am on waiting list. If I can get in, I am so there…

Mark Ridout - I’ve got a better idea….come take the workshop in Austin this October and you can ask all the questions you want for three days….

Jim - Mark, I agree with Martin. Your photos by themselves are a lesson. I’d love to know what you did with this photo in post. Because LOTS of people shoot wide open fast lenses, and their stuff looks nothing like this! E-mail me if you don’t want to share your secret sauce with the world (but you would with me) LOL

Your buddy from Texas.

Tanzyn - Love this shot!!

Mark Ridout - Hey Martin….fast lenses wide open. “The Art of Digital Wedding Photography” was actually called “mastering digital wedding photography and written by James Karney..both Tri coast and myself supplied images to Karney.

Martin Bentsen - How do you get such great depth of field control? The background and foreground is so blurry even though it is a fairly wide shot… Thanks, Mark. Your pictures are superb!

PS I learned about your photography through the book “Mastering the Art of Digital Wedding Photography,” by TriCoast Photography. They reference a lot of your work.

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