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The Cantelon’s – Rancho Relaxo

I met the Cantelon’s a number of years back at Rancho Relaxo when Mom was expecting their second child. The Ranch was still under construction and we managed to drag an old barn couch into the field. The sprawling estate is now complete and the Cantelons are living the good life indulging in fancy mustards, cocktail wieners and freezys. Recently Ridout Photography created a one off custom canvas to hang proudly above the fireplace. If you have been thinking about purchasing a canvas print from a previous session or would like to have a custom canvas wall portrait created for you contact Ridout Photography for pricing.  Be sure to check out this months “Blog Special”

From our first meeting at Rancho Relaxo and Mom was pregnant 🙂


The final canvas was 44 x 49 and looks great in the living room.

Rancho Relaxo-The Great Room

Here is a small version of the final image.

44x49 cantelon

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Ratdog - Is this you peconi, hope all is good

Brian - Great shots Mark…..Sean & Lisa are great folks, have known them for quite a while and worked with Sean back in the Forrester days…

judy kay bryan - Your photography is Amazing!!

Mark Ridout - Hey Rick,
the back lighting….which is really front lighting :)is fairly strong. I am getting some natural bounce fill from the pond and the balance of the light that fills in the backs of them is from a reflector being held off camera. I can’t remember on this particular shot but I usually over expose by a stop with strong back lighting is present. Once I take the image into photoshop I will dodge and burn using a blank layer filled with 50% grey and the blend mode changed to overlay. I find this the best non destructive method for dodging and burning.

Rick - Hi Mark, I love this image! Can you please share some of your technical magic as how you exposed the backlit (well, in this case, front lit for them) subject, any supplemental lighting or post processing? Thanks man!

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