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Sunday Drive – Cuba

I have decided to take you along on a Sunday drive and highlight a few of my favorite images from around the globe. Join me every Sunday for a safe comfortable ride….and you don’t even have to pitch in for fuel!

I have always loved the texture and colors of this image I shot in Havana. I need to print a large canvas of this.

Something about this image always brings me back to it. His missing hand. What is he saying to the police officer? The leading yellow line. One of my favourite images from my Cuba gallery.

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D'Arcy - Dan, it’s ok! I’m right here. Just waiting for the scenery to change! EEAR!

Dan - Getting really lonely in the back seat here.

Steve Fogarty - Mark – did you ever know that you’re my heeeerroooo.

Schweet work! Poverty can be f*kn gorgeous. But you, Mark, could make anything gorgeous. I bet you could make a doggy poo look hot.

My lovely wife and I hope to see you and your lovely wife in Phoenix @ PPA. I’ll come find you.

Dan - Oh I am in…like a carrot (RAW) I can’t believe it is really happening!!!! I am shaking. It is the pony part that excited me. I can’t wait.

D'Arcy - Perfect!!! The Caddy has a way bigger trunk for beer and we can definitely fit the midgets and shetland ponies now! Hey Dan and Adam, are ya in?

Mark Ridout - It would appear that I may have to bring the BIG pimp Caddy out of storage. I can’t possibly fit all of you in for the drive.

Dan - Great work Mark…. can I bring some devils lettuce for the drive?

francine - Mark, this door I photographed as well, but not nearly as nice as yours. I would also be interested in a fine art print of this photo for the house. Let us know if this is possible.

AS you already know, Cuba is our favorite place of photography as well. So much history and so many photogenic people.


D'Arcy - Hey Adam, how the hell are ya? Maybe we can sweet talk Chantal into taking her sweet new ride…I am pretty sure the trunk holds more than a two four…SHOTGUN!!!

Adam Miasik - Make it a two four…. the big guns are coming along for the ride!!!

-Adam Miasik-

D'Arcy - Great work, can I bring a six pack on this drive?

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