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Pic Of The Day – Ridgetown Ontario Bridesmaid

Ridgetown Ontario Bridesmaid

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Mark Ridout - I have only dabbled in HDR and do like it although I think one needs to be subjective as when to use it and how much. The examples on this blog where I have used it is with Photomatix for the initial effect with some CS4 to finalize the look.

daveo - Appreciate the info Mark. The Sunbounce system looks like just the ticket. I’m using a windshield sunshade from the dollar store, silver one side, white the other. Matches the rest of my camera stuff, not pretty, but gets the job done.
The main thing; don’t keep blasting your subject with flash.
BTW; The photos below are kinda’ good too :>)

scthrash - I’ve loved your work ever since I came across it at the Pro Show website. However I do theatre and sports photography mostly with some personal HDR mixed in when I have time. Do I sense some HDR work mixed in with yours, and if so, CS4, Photomatix, or both together. What is your workflow? I enjoy especially your Cuban work.

Mark Ridout - Good eye!…..I am using a California Sunbounce Pro Zebra reflector. It measures about 4×6 feet. It may even be a tad bigger then that. The whole package is easy to assemble and transport and takes me about 120 seconds to put together. Because it is so light I often bring it along with me and use it myself when I have no second shooter or assistant on the wedding day.

daveo - Another lovely portrait, Mark. Did you use a reflector or other light source on camera left?

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