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pic of the day = michelle


A behind the scene look at the above photo with two 580EX II’s being fired with the ST-E2 It was a great overcast day so the set up worked great. On sunny days  to many issues with firing multiple lights with the ST-E2. Pocket Wizards for those days  🙂

two light setup

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M for Madness - Thanks to your excellent references to the Radio Poppers I received a pair for my birthday. The stand I purchased was a rather economical Opus-OPL-KT62205, it was less than $50.00. While still new the bottom legs need some prodding to extract them from a completely folded position. Leaving the bottom locking nut loose, the legs will come out with a downward jerk. I’d imagine through normal wear and tear they’d just fall open. Thanks for the tips.


John Prentice - Okay, those stands are definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen all day. Thanks for the link Mark! I will be ordering a set.

Mark Ridout - The site dose suggest they will hold mono lights so shouldn’t be a problem.

Mark Ridout - I’m sure they could hold a small head but not sure if I would trust them without an assistant holding the stand or having extra weight. They are however excellent as stand alone with flashes. The whole purpose of these is you just drop them down and the legs open automatically 🙂 Made for a one man show. I purchased them from Dennys in the USA after shooting a wedding with Tricoast Photography from Texas. They use them all the time ansd after seeing them in action couldn’t resist. Alot easier then dragging out my big honking stands and fiddling with the sections and legs. These were a no brainer.


John Prentice - Oh man! I need to get me a set of those lightstands! They look extremely portable… How do you think they’d hold up with a monolight on top?

Sebastian - Behind the scenes pics are the best! Thanks for posting.

daveo - Really like these small portable lighting setups. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

Mark Ridout - The flash behind her is bare bulb…no diffusion. The flash in front I have the ultimate flash diffuser attached. Works great….I use it more then any other diffuser I have (and I have them all 🙂

Ultimate Diffuser

Wayne Simpson - Hey Mark,
What is that you are using to diffuse your flashes? … and do they eat up a lot of light? Always looking for new things to try!


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