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pic of the day = lena + lou

Lena & Lou

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Mark Ridout - I took it at their cottage in Omemee

Angelo Nicolaides - Great shot Mark….is this from the Karkabasis estate in Athens or Lindsay?

Kirk - These folks look great…..along with excellent light! Thanks for sharing

PANE - You have time for photo shoots!?!?!

daveo - Thanks for your description of your lighting setup, I like the soft shadows. What can I say… its simple, elegant, brilliant.

Mark Ridout - There is a Canon 580EX II with a diffuser being held by Chantal left side out of frame pointed at the couple. I am shooting from the hallway through the open door and there is another 580 EXII sitting camera right almost even with the couple. The flash head has no diffusion and is being bounced straight up off the ceiling. I am firing the two flashes using the Canon ST-E2. Nothing less…..nothing more 🙂

Judy Kay Bryan - Congratulations~RANGEFINDER Mag! Your photography inspires me…One day when I think i’m ready i’m going to apply to AWPS!
Thanks J.Kay

daveo - This is a lovely portrait, but I’m intrigued with your lighting setup. Looks like main light on camera left and fill on camera right?

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