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Pic Of The Day – Jennifer

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Martin Bentsen - Amazing use of the color RED! The thing I wish they invented was a cure for RED/Green color blindness, which I have. Though I know that this is red because I can just tell. Thanks for posting these awesome shots Mark!

Rick Lewis - Just a wonderful use of color! 400mm f2.8? What, were you about a 1/4 mile from her?….LOL Love your work Mark!!

Paul McCall - Mate you have no idea how welcome you would be. A workshop would go down a treat. Seriously, get in touch with me if your even remotely thinking of coming and I’d be happy to help out organizing venues etc. Love ya stuff!!! 🙂

Mark Ridout - Paul….there is no bag that will hold the 400 🙂 thanks for the kind words….lets work together in Australia….I love your country and would love to visit it!

Paul McCall - Hi Mark… Paul McCall, Adelaide Australia. Have contacted you in the past ( over the years) I don’t do it too often because you probably get a pile of e-mails the same and I don’t want to add to the burden, but I seriously want to thank you for the inspiration you have provided to me over the last 5 years.
….but seriously mate if you keep posting these pics using the 400 2.8…. I will have to get one sooner or later and I’m gonna be in so much trouble… 🙂
Must be an intimidating piece of hardware when you pull it out of the bag…
Adelaide Australia..

Mark Ridout - an even better use of your 400mm 2.8 bazooka

M for Madness - Excellent use of colour…


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