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Pic Of The Day

Today’s pic speaks for itself. Lets just say I’m happy today 🙂

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jen drapeau - I’ve spent way too much time looking at your pictures tonight…..the eggs are hard hard boiled and now they’re powder…..but have I had a hoot looking at these scenes. Great work. Lots of joy going on behind the lens.

Martin Bentsen - Great Shot! How old are the kids?

steven somfalvi - That’s just great!

Adam Woodhouse - I was doing a little jig like you as well yesterday. 🙂

Mar Tin - Great shot. But don’t they let them back out again 8 hours later?

Shawn - I KNEW IT!!!! Mark really HAS lost his marbles. Just wait till the kids go to University/College!!!!!!

Helen - I remember the feeling and no longer have the joy that you do, anymore, but thanks for sharing.

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