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Page’s First Sleepover

Long overdue but well worth the wait. Chantal and I had our Granddaughter sleep over for the first time this weekend. Page was a great model for some test shots using the 400mm 2.8 and radio popper. The 400mm 2.8 is so tack sharp. Maybe not the most practical portrait lens but definitely a look that cannot be obtained in any other lens. Page kept us busy blocking the stairs, changing diapers and feeding but what a thrill to have her. She has gone and we miss her already.

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Mark Ridout - I’m not sure what makes me smile more….my Lil’ Page or your responses 🙂

Yannis Papakostopoulos - What a beauty she is…

I don’t know if you still feel like in a 70’s crack pipe as you mentioned in your last reply, but i think you do (and i hope still do).

You crazy old grand…You, beautifull eye of the eye. No matter the milimeters…(which apparently in photography does).
I hope you really cherish those momments cause nothing is going to forgive time passing by as you know best after all those years trying to capture it.

Get her back ASAP and for as much time as you can. We will not turn our back for the missing grad or ma and you know it.
Through my pipe i am sure she will be teaching you a lot of interesting things in the very near future which we all are going to evaluate from our hearts. So be cool and playfool and rediculous for youselve and her…

I know i ask for too much but i think you deserve it… The best price is going to be awarded to HER.

From the deepest of my heart, be healthy and happy. All of you.
Thanks a million for sharing and exposing once again.
Excellent and perfect photography on every aspect which drives us in.

Brenda Coulson - Adorable, sweet, enjoy every minute of every day with her Gramps!!

Mark Ridout - Amanda….quit pissin’ around and I’ll be able to do the same for you…Get Er Done 🙂

Amanda - so cute! awww!

Jen - That’s my girl 🙂

Mark Ridout - Tamara ….congratulations on Isabella. Chantal and I would love to photograph your daughter…you just need Leo to arrange a full day wedding workshop 30-50 participants in Paraty next year….hint hint 🙂

TAMARA - Mark & Chantal. Your granddaughter is really cute! Here in Brazil everything’s fine, our baby Isabella is 2 months now!!! Hope u guys come to Brasil soon so you can shoot her! lol! Tamara & Leopoldo

Pam S. - Page is adorable and the photos are precious. I’m glad Chantal got in a few of them…sweet.

tammy - wow….the eyes have it! The wonder of life is amazing to see in the eyes of babes.

Jilly - Dad these pics are the best!! I love hanging out with Page 🙂 she’s such a treat. She makes the funniest facial expressions and has so much energy!

Sacha - She’s gorgeous!! What a lucky girl to have such a talented Grandpa too! I can’t wait to have you photograph our babe this fall… I’m sure it won’t be the last time!

Roberta Morasse - She is to cute for words…………..Roberta

David Redding - Great stuff, just way to cute….Bet you spoil the hell outta here and how could you not with a face like that

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