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    Thanks for visiting our blog. Here you will find many images from present all the way back to 2008 when we started sharing our passion. This blog will follow Chantal and I as we cross this great earth photographing the many weddings, events and family sessions we are so lucky to be involved in.

    Please leave a comment if you have any questions, are moved by an image or would just like to talk shop. Hopefully your images will become part of our photographic journey.

    Mark, Chantal and Bella

Marky Photographs Princess Avery and the Walker Family

Another awesome family shoot with the Walker family here in Lindsay. I was told by Dad when I arrived that Avery was very shy. Dad shared with me that  Cinderella had sent me to photograph and bring back to the castle some great imagery. Princess Chantal was a great help in holding my reflector and taking 0rders from the King of light 🙂 Shortly after the session I received an email from Mom

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to give you a little laugh this morning…Yesterday we were driving in town and the bells in the church were ringing (Avery thinks that these bells are from Cinderella’s Castle).  As we are driving she says to me:   Well mom, do you hear the bells in the castle?  And i said yes i do…and she says well mom…Do you think that she is getting her picture taken from “Marky” and I said Maybe she is getting her picture taken from Mark…and she was quick to tell me that his name is not Mark that he told Avery that his name is “Marky”!!  and that is what he is called at the Castle. lol.

Just thought i would share that little bit of Princess Talk with you 🙂  I thought it was kinda cute.

Rachel Walker - Oh My!!!!! In love with the pics!!! Beautiful family photos!!! Mark always does a great job 🙂 I love the sky in the shot with boys!! Very Cool!!!!

Kim Malcolm - Mark, your photos never disappoint. Love these pics of the Walker family….

Melissa - Mark…Thank you for such great photos…They brought tears to my eyes. And thank you very much for going along with the Princess Idea…made life much easier:)

Wayne Simpson - Great shoot Marky! I went to school with Greg, it’s great to see him with family and happy!

Where Are They Now? – Jennifer & Ryan

Jennifer and Ryan tied the knot just over four years ago and Ridout Photography has documented their progress .  It was by chance that we initially photographed their wedding when they couldn’t get a hold of the assigned photographer. They dropped him and hired us and the rest in history 🙂 Jennifer and Ryan operate Seal Tech a powerwash, seal and stain operation. If you need something done don’t hesitate to give them a call…..the kids need new shoes 😉

View some of our other “Where Are They Now” story’s from past clients who continue to use our services well after the wedding day. CLICK HERE FOR MORE BABY GOODNESS

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Jennifer - Amazing Mark, you never cease to amaze us.
Thank you for another job well done.

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