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nyo peterborough = high definition range photo

working on some commercial work for Neil Young Optical and decided to try a true HDR using Photomatix Pro 3 software

Neil Young Optical -NYO faceart

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Angelo Nicolaides - Absolutely Brilliant!….the photo…and the posts!….Love it Neil!

Neil Young - On behalf of NYO, I would like to say that in 20 years I have never had a confrontation with another business. I pride myself on respecting other people who share the same passion I do. That said, my friend Mark Ridout wanted to stand up for me when Green Eyewear practiced some marketing strategies that we felt were inappropriate. I appreciate a comment below that states that there are “two sides to every story” and although I was hesitant to even respond to these posts, I felt I had no option. However, I had nothing to do with the tagging of Green Eyewear on Mark’s website. I am disappointed in this negativity and feel that both businesses should work together to form a great high-end optical area that attracts many people to enjoy the products that we are all passionate about. And, if you’re here anyway, be sure to check out Mark’s incredible photography (and his great “face art” too).

Mark Ridout - Shane, time to come out of the bunker and shake off those conspiracy theories. Breath deep…..yes..yes….now look around and give your noggin a shake. Glad your friend has set you straight on my good works. Nothing makes me feel better than helping out a delusional miscreant who relies on veiled threats to make his point. Not sure what the point is however… but that’s another story. Now…get back to what you do best, whatever the fuck that might be, and stop bothering me.

The real green eyewear - This is my last post. I just spoke to my friend at Rogers. I just want to say Thank You. She said what you are doing is great web marketing for me. Not only are you making sure my business name stays front and center. You will also drive traffic to my store and since Neil’s business is anything but green and I am located right across the street you are making him look bad.

Keep It UP…

Thank You, Shane Palmer

PS-Also, there is an added feature since I live and work in Peterborough, I get to show every business owner your handy work and how you promote Peterborough small business, you might get some more business photo opts or make a few new friends.

Tom - Mark, I haven’t got a clue what all these guys below are riffing on you about. Wrong store, wrong business name, Green what? huh? I typed in groin eyewear optical peterborough and I got some crazy porno site from Arizona! Go figure. I love the internet though. By the way….go buy a view camera cheapskate, that distortion on the left wall is enough to mobilize the Dusseldorf school of photography hit squad. They have killed for less distortion that that. Be warned.

D'Arcy McNeil - This looks like fun. I myself use tags, any one I want to. I think the next shot I upload will have a “Green+Eyeware+Optical+Peterborough” tag….. Or are we talking about HDR imagery?

Mark Ridout - Mathew,
I admit that I may not be the best at HDR imagery but I really didn’t think it was a bad first example. ….and Mathew it’s Karma not Carma…. Unless you meant my Carma ran over your Dogma

mathew p - Hi Marc

I spoke to my friend at Green Eyewear. What you are doing is wrong. There is always two sides to every story. When you get involved in something you know nothing about, it can be bad carma. Might want to rethink what you are doing…

Mark Ridout - Hi Matt,
I also noticed Lens Crafters at the top of google when searching Green+Eyeware+Optical+Peterborough. If you click on that link there isn’t an image of the store but you are on the Lens Crafters site?….another choice you may want to look into when searching for “green” eyeware. All the best in your travels and thanks for commenting.

Matt Stimpson - Hi Mark

I merely googled Green+Eyewear+Optical+Peterborough and this image came up, hence the confusion. Must be something to do with the tags you’ve assigned to the image, they are somewhat misleading. I was looking for the new shop on George that donates to GreenUp. I’m assuming NYO isn’t it. Reading the blog list is Shane Palmer the real Greeneyewear Optical??

Mark Ridout - Hey Shane, contact chantal@ridoutphotography for commercial pricing. Would love to photograph your store…..and who said tagging doesn’t create potential traffic. Traffic = potential revenue.
Looking forward to receiving thousands of comments from your friend at Rogers.

Shane Palmer - Hi Marc

I just decided to checkout your blog. Seems some people share the same beleif as me. I would be willing to have you take a picture of the real Green Eyewear Optical, we do get a lot of internet traffic. I believe that it is good to tell the truth. I am also forwarding a link to your blog to my friend at Rogers she runs internet marketing there I am sure they will help you raise lots of extra money for the food drive this week. Which I believe is a great cause.

Regards, Shane

Mark Ridout - Hi Stuard,
I’m not sure why you would be shocked by the image I posted here as an example of HDR (high definition range). No where in that post do I make mention of promoting the business although I do offer a link to the NYO site. If you are referring to the tag that accompanies the post and suggesting that that is a promotion then let me clarify my tags. I use tags to drive viewers to my blog. It is apparent that it is working. If that makes me look bad then spank me silly 🙂

Stuard Smith - I just went into green eyewear optical, I was shocked to hear you were promoting their name with another optical across the street. What you are doing makes both you and NYO look bad.

Regards, Stuard

Mark Ridout - Don’t be confused Matt….NYO offers many great frames and lenses some that offer less environmental impact then others. What you are looking at is a high definition image of NYO. Not sure how you can be confused unless your prescription is wrong 😉 Thanks for stoppin’ by.

Matt Stimpson - Ok I’m confused, I thought Green Eyewear Optical was on the other side of George St. this one looks more like red eyewear!

Is NYO now doing green, eco-ethical eyewear?

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Mark Ridout - Topaz would probably give a very similar effect from what I have seen out there. Although this was created using Photomatix and three separate jpegs the effect may be different using Raw images…..but I don’t shoot raw 🙂 …probably not the best example of HDR because I’m still a noob, but I’ll keep trying.

daveo - Hi Mark. I use Photomatix myself, but would be more inclined to use Topaz Adjust for this image. Although it would be difficult to capture the rows of eyeglasses behind the front door without shooting HDR.

Jeff - I love shooting HDR… high DYNAMIC range….

Erin - I love it! Absolutely stunning. The colours are amazing.

Kevin - this is sweet. your hdr’s are looking great.

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