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New Life for Carl Zeiss

There truly is no sharpness like the T* lens from Carl Zeiss. Not long ago I viewed some images shot using Hasselblad lenses mounted to an EOS body. I recently received my adapter from USA and mounted it to the canon 5D MarkII . Initial images viewed full resolution are tack sharp with no barrel distortion. Obviously I have to shoot manual but if I use live view I can focus using the multiplication function and get pin sharp focus. I will use these lenses for landscape and try some portraits. My initial few shots show some pretty steller results with great colour and contrast. How can you go wrong with a fifty dollar adapter and your old Hassey lenses that are collecting dust. Pretty cool I get to play with these lenses again 🙂

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D'Arcy - Some people just don’t know what good glass is! It is the Camera and lens that ‘they’ brought to the moon if you believe that! I use mine every week…if you had one you would know.

Mark Ridout - You are correct Andreas, I do need to compare the lenses with the Canon glass when I can muster up some spare time. My initial quick playing around was not scientific in any way. What I immediately saw were images that are as sharp as my Canon 85mm. My intentions are not to work these lenses into any daily routine, just saw the adapter while surfing one afternoon and decided to piss away another fifty green backs…..it really is never ending and the Hassleblad enjoyed coming off the shelf for a few minutes. Perhaps one day when the digital backs become cheaper I’ll pull it out again. The 80mm Hassey lens is really a 122mm on the 5D as far as my calculations go and the 150mm is above 200mm when mounted.

andreas - cool conversion..but from these photos you can’t really tell what the difference is. I’m sure there is some contrast differences and sharpness…but is it really that much better? Perhaps two samples of the same shot with a canon lens too?

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