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My Brazilian Students – Sold Out Workshop

Marcelo Celio from Revista Fhox was kind enough to send me a few pics from my workshop in Sal Paulo Brasil in April. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet and share with the warmest audience any one could ask for. Not only are the Brazilian people the friendliest and most loving that we have met on our ventures around the world they also have some of the best dam BBQ I have ever tasted. The workshop was sold out and a great success. I came home seven pounds heavier 🙂








This particular image was shot available light (see above setup) iso 2500-200mm-f2.8-1/250th



This was another from the day showing the capabilities of high iso shooting available light. In a very dark area of the room up against a mirror. iso 12,800- 1/250th- 85  1.2 A very acceptable high iso image in my opinion. Loved the tattoo.

My students…and they all passed with straight A’s

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Mario C. Castillion - Totally agree with Jenn regarding the high ISO photo.
I hope one day I could be your student too.

Jenn - I am utterly amazed that the 8th image was shot at 2500 ISO. It’s so clear and crisp. Thanks for posting some of your set-up shots.

Mark Ridout - Hey Paul….maybe you had better think about hosting one. I hear the Aussie’s make a mean BBQ also 🙂 I would love to visit Australia! Thanks for stopin’ In….always appreciated

Paul McCall - Mark…..When the hell are you coming to Australia to do a workshop???? You are my source of inspiration… Told you that before but don’t expect you to remember because you probably hear it a 100 times a week.

Seriously though if your ever down this way then please consider a workshop while you are here.

Paul McCall…. DWC member ( drop in on the forum more often to , we miss you) 🙂

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