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Metal Art 2

It is now official. Chantal has finished her Metal Art project by completing her second piece of Metal Art. Chantal has single handily eliminated the second vehicle from the original Ridout Photography Fleet. For those that have not followed her creative Metal Art techniques you can view her 1st Metal Art piece  HERE Chantal was able to complete the two car project in under a year. I am also happy to announce that she is safe without injury and she has not been fired from the staff. On a side note the driver of the other truck has been charged with failing to stop at a red light. We are now looking for something with six airbags.

Ford Escape accident Lindsay

 2008 Ford Escape Lindsay

Ford Escape at wrecking yard

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Paul McCall - Mark mate you tell it so well I was laughing hard with my wife over this one. Just love the metal art series.

Paul…. DWC member, Australia.

Mom - Boy, my heart is in my throat. Sure glad you are alright Chantal. As a Mom and most will understand maybe you should take up walking….I won’t worry as much. lol

Albert - Growing up in Lindsay, I know all about Lindsay drivers, watch out for old men wearing hats, particularly dangerous

Raychelle - oh dear! so glad Chantal’s alright.

Melissa Packman-Winsley - Very glad to hear that Chantal is alright! Hopefully she’ll move onto another type of art project lol.

Adam Woodhouse - WOW! That is terrible that a car accident would happen again to her in such a short period of time. Very glad to hear no serious injuries. She must be at a stage where driving is quite nerve-racking and it will take time to get past that and back to a more relaxed (yet still cautious) form of driving!!

I guess on the bright side the dealership you go to for vehicles enjoys the repeat business!

curtoneil - Yikes! Chantal sure does like that carnage doesn’t she? Makes more sense now that she loved it when my boutonnière self-exploded and the bouquet exploded (with assistance ;)). And also a good thing I didn’t give her the keys to the rental!

Glad you are okay Chantal and hopefully the Ridout fleet will be rebuilt soon.

daveo - Terrible news Mark, glad to hear Chantal is OK. Check out Ford’s next gen airbag system… could be what you need. :>)

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