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Mark’s Metal Art – Chantal’s Metal Art

My art work was cheaper to produce then Chantal’s…..that being said Chantal and her girlfriend Lynn crawled from the flipped car without as much as a scratch. This accident happened yesterday afternoon on her way home from the “girls weekend get together” Chantal and Lynn both went to work this morning!
Unbelievable!!! I love Volvo’s safety rating….I love Chantal.

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Rick FW Goedecke - Hey Mark,
My wife’s got a Volvo as well. Would not substitute it for the world. Just knowing that she is safe is relief enough.
We bought another one, at a place in Toronto called “Volvo Guys”
At a much lower rate than a new one.
He’s got many in stock, if you’re in the shopping mood

Take care

BTW- I met you in Picton, a few years back, shooting the “JunkYard” with my Digital Blad

Chantal - Margaret, I love you!!!
Your comment made me laugh out loud!!
Thank you for all of the “glad to hear you’re ok ” comments.
I am alive and well!!!

Mark Ridout - Hey Margaret….Chantal will be in Jamaica soon enough. We have a wedding there in 2009 but not before I get yours and the other weddings delivered.

Margaret - My goodness! Glad that Chantal is OK. Mark you should take her for a vacation maybe Jamaica!

Angela - Holy cow. Glad to hear you’re ok Chantal….are you sure you’re not still in shock?? Hope you had a big glass of wine after that!

Adam - Wow! That’s awful. Glad to hear everyone was OK.
(ps. very nice images of those old wrecks).

D'Arcy - It’s not a party untill something breaks…poor Volvo! Glad your OK Chantel!

Raychelle - oh my goodness! Thank goodness Chantal is alright! That Volvo really took a beating.

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