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Lindsay – The Good, Bad and Ugly Awards – Yardys & Sylvestres

There really is an overabundance of good, bad and ugly in Lindsay. As I travel the streets and back roads of our great town, it is the total disregard for others sharing space that drives me to give those responsible the recognition they deserve. It is the Ugly that seems to jump out at me and get under my skin more so then the other categories and it appears that I can’t get off this block. Perhaps I need to move on and search out the good….let it go Mark…they just don’t get it. But I can’t let go and ignore what jumps out at me, be it Good, Bad and especially Ugly.
For the week ending July 24th 2009 the Lindsay Good, Bad and UGLY Award will be shared by two local businesses Sylvestres and Yardys for an outstanding display of… for no better word….SHIT! I needed to throw on my wide angle lens so that you could experience this display of competition between these two adjoining stores. Even then I was unable to get in the boat and other piles of rubbish that were hidden from view by the semi trailers that have become fixtures of the properties.  For the first time since the awards inception we have a tie.  Judges decision was based on the perceived  individual weight of the rubbish on each property, the creative use of material and overall curb appeal. Both properties back onto one of the largest of Lindsay’s municipal parking lots. A very welcome site for first time visitors to our community.

Unfortunately only one of the businesses can accept the gift certificate….first come first serve. Congratulations….truck on!

Good Bad and Ugly Award

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Cam Brien - Re: The locksmith sign…no points for spelling, but deduct 1
point for the spelling of “isle” in the Zellers G,B & U ratings.
By the looks of your very professional site I can only imagine
that “isle” comes up in your life about as much as “aisle”
comes up in mine.
Cheers, Cam

the big guy - I walked by this mess every day for a year…Only in this city would such a pile of garbage not be cleaned up! The only problem Mark is that your picture is TOO BEAUTIFUL for the uglyness that abounds in the back of these 2 places…Keep it up! Love the awards!!

curtoneil - I’m not sure how much you walked around downtown while you were in Sault Ste. Marie but this just looks like the back of EVERY building (okay maybe 80% of them) in the area. I’d go out of business with offering all the shoots 😉

steven somfalvi - I think you’re being a bit harsh here. All of that garbage under the truck on the left side is very neatly piled. 🙂

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