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Lindsay-The Good, Bad and Ugly Awards – King Street Development

Location…..Location….Location. Hit me with a two by six but what the hell were these people thinkin’?  Backing onto a walking path that runs along side the river(great idea if you don’t mind no privacy) this development wins this weeks award in the “BAD” class. Couple of problems plague the sale of these units.  1/Price 2/ no view of the river (at least until winter when the leaves fall), and 3/ King Street are just a few of the reasons the units have come to a stand still. Now don’t get all worked up and e mail me that I’m not being fair about King Street. There are some very nice homes along King Street….it just so happens they are not located near or around this development. My parents always told me to buy poor in a rich neighborhood and you could make some money….that’s not the case here.
Congratulations to the person or persons responsible for this weeks Good, Bad and Ugly Awards. Please contact Ridout Photography for your free gift certificate.

Lindsay Bad Award- King Street Lindsay

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C - Excellent choice for this award! I have marvelled at the ridiculous location and even MORE ridiculou$ prices since this project first appeared.

Kristy - It gets even better when you’re on the walking path! No backyard to go with the view, just a nice big dirt slide down to the path…

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