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lindsay – the good, bad and ugly awards

For the week ending December 4th 2009 the “Good, Bad and Ugly Award” goes to our very own Lindsay Ontario  Zellers Store. After some very tight scrutinizing the judges chose Lindsay Ontario Zellers as the December (week 1) Bad Award winner. The bad award is not won easily. A business must show a complete disregard for customer safety, carpets must be filthy, regular maintenance must be non-existent, poor isle displays and lack of staff are just a few of the requirements needed to win the coveted Bad Award. The manager of the Lindsay Zellers Store wins a complimentary family session and private gallery.  Please contact Ridout Photography to claim your award and book your session.
To view all of the past winners of the Lindsay, Good, Bad and Ugly Award click here.

On a side note I have also e mailed the corporate website for two reasons. To congratulate them on this award and to inform them of  my experiences as per their request on the official HBC website.

“Tell us about your experiences shopping in our stores

Hbc is interested in what you think of your shopping experience in our stores. We need to know – and want to know – how our stores look and if our sales associates are courteous and respectful.”

Zellers Wins Bad Award Dec 2009

At 9:15 AM there was not a shopping cart to be found?
Cartless in Lindsay ontario Zellers

An accident waiting to happen. Please don’t wear high heals.

Welcome To Zellers

There was more food on the floor then on the shelves
Floor Food

I’m not sure what happened here but it makes for a great rodent villa.

House for rent

Lets tape this sponsors donation here so we can bring more attention to the filth and disrepair.
Olympic Glory

self explanatory
great grunge display

If you were vacuuming the floor here wouldn’t you think that this piece of trim should just be thrown out?
blown rubber

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pauly - Wow, is it any wonder Zellers is gone! I feel sorry for the over-worked, underpaid employees that got layed off. HBC is to blame! Let us hope Target will be better. I just think the problem is deeper. Do we really need another outlet for plastic crap from China.

Robert Schaetzle - Back to the Zellers pics…… I was in the retail business for over 18 years and that is apalling to see. I have never liked shopping there , yet its one of the few places we have to shop in Lindsay. The manager should be ashamed of his store. His staff should be ashamed as well. I guess the manager only cares about his PNL and the bonus he gets for not spending on manpower. I can’t wait for the competition to move in.

Robert Schaetzle - Hi , I ran across your page here from a facebook ad. Your work is awsome! I looked further due to that long ass canvas print you did. WOW!!! Where do i find prices for printing my shots? I mostly do nature and wildlife photography. If you’re ever out Dunsford way give me a hollar!


Tom - Mark, thanks for that investigative piece. I just about upchucked my lunch looking at those tasty pics!! Hope you got a good buy on the hand sanitizer when you were there. Please let me know when they go out of business so I can take a picture of the abandoned building. We could both don protective suits and do a photo infiltration.

Hodgy - Wow Mark, that is really disgusting. I hope you sent this blog post to the head office.

Dina - To funny for words Mark!….John and I are sitting here very amused:)….we have been to that Zellers and it is no joke, must be the worst in all of Canada. Good for you to send it to the offical web site. Let us all know if they end up emailing you back.

Kristy - Yet another reason why this Zellers sucks. Not that I’m a fan of Walmart, but maybe they’d ‘clean up’ their act a bit and actually have the products on the shelves they advertise and maybe show some pride in their store by cleaning the areas that need to be cleaned if they had a little competition.

Mark Ridout - I absolutely did send them a note along with the link to this blog post. I’m trying to locate the manager so that I can honor the award

Michele Gillespie - Hilarious, yet HORRIBLE !!!! I really hope you actually sent that along to HBC 🙂

Adam Woodhouse - Looks more like you took a road trip to a Detroit Target. I think this one ‘takes the cake’ thus far.

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