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Lindsay Ontario – The Good, Bad and Ugly Awards

I need to vent and take a short break from editing E sessions and weddings.  Honestly if you owned a restaurant would you not take a bit of pride in how your store front looked? I may not be a marketing guru but common sense tells me that the kitchen might have some similarity’s to the parking lot and filthy windows. If that’s not the case then I just don’t  get it. This months “Ugly Award”  goes to Wimpy’s Diner of Lindsay Ontario. The proud recipient  of this months Ugly award and current owner of Wimpy’s Diner receives a free family photo session. Please e mail me for your certificate.

Beautiful Gardens Lindsay

creative restaurant signage

Wimpys Diner Lindsay

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Shawn - I ate there quite regularly and the food was standard Wimpy’s fare. Staff were friendly but now no one knows when they are open. It’s a hit and miss situation. There are many better places to eat. Great photos yet again Mark.

Garnet Brydon - Mark, you are right about the Lindsay Wimpy’s. The exterior is a turn-off. I won’t eat there because the overgrown garden around the cluster of signs, the peeling paint on their primary neon sign, the dirty glass windows, and much more suggest what the food might look and taste like. It’s hard to believe the owner / operator or the Franchisor could care so little about their brand experience.

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