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Kate & Caley – República de Panamá

Panama, officially the Republic of Panama is the southernmost country of Central America. Situated on an a narrow strip of land that is bordered on two sides by water, some categorize it as a transcontinental nation connecting the north and south part of America. It borders Costa Rica to the north-west, Columbia to the south-east, the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. It is an international business center and is also a transit country. In Central America, it is the most industrialized country. Although Panama is also the 3rd largest economy in Central America, after Guatemala and Costa Rica, it has by far the most developed economy and has the largest expenditure on resource consumption, making the country the largest consumer in Central America.

The resort was just down the beach from Manuel Noriega’s beach house. The house was accessible from the back and was overgrown with weeds. It was quite the place in it’s time with views from the roof top bar that overlooked the ocean and surrounding land.

On 20th of December 1989, twenty-seven thousand U.S. personnel invaded Panama in order to remove Manuel Noriega. A few hours before the invasion, in a ceremony that took place inside a U.S. military base in the former Panama Canal Zone, Guillermo Endara was sworn in as the new President of Panama. The invasion occurred ten years before the Panama Canal administration was to be turned over to Panamanian authorities. During the fighting, approximately 4000 Panamanians, mostly civilians, were killed.

Noriega surrendered to the American military shortly after, and was taken to Florida to be formally extradited and charged by USA Federal authorities on drug and racketeering charges. He became eligible for parole on September 9th 2007 , but remained in custody while his lawyers fought an extradition request from France. Critics have pointed out that many of Noriega’s former allies still remain in power in Panama.

Kate and Caley’s wedding was a blast! It took a few minutes for Caley to get into the whole picture taking groove but once he became comfortable in front of the camera the magic started. I think they secretly had been practicing the dip. Chantal and I really enjoyed shooting Kate and Caley’s romantic wedding and I have attached a few of the images taken during our visit. Stay tuned for the Epic Love Story Slideshow…..coming soon to a TV near you.







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S. Hayse - Caley-
Do you have a relative named Kate Ridout in England?

Grandma & Grandpa Stewart - These photos brought tears to our eyes.It’s as if we were back in Panama reliving Caley & Kate’s wedding.Thank you .

Caley - Where are the nudes Mark?

francine - Great photos!

Lee-Anne Grof - What a beautiful couple! The images are absolutely amazing Mark & Chantal, as always. Looking forward to seeing the Epic Love Story Slide Show.

B.Gail Phelps Thibadeau - Amazing photos..but look at your beautiful subjects!
You took my family portrait years ago,Mark…yet you just keep getting better & better!

david kennedy - incredible shots mark and chantal. i look forward to seeing the slide show.

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