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International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers – 5th Place Finish

Not to long ago I sent in some images to the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. I came in 2nd place overall among the best wedding photographers in the world. NOT!!…one of my images was from a workshop that I spoke at in Brasil and was not allowed which placed me lower in the contest 🙁 I was not aware of the rule so they disallowed the image and I ended up in 5th. Still not a bad finish considering the awesome talent. If you want to be inspired check out the winning galleries from previous contests. ISPWP was created for professional photographers to raise the standards of the wedding photography industry.
This was the placing before the controversial image was disallowed. I perfectly understand the rule as they don’t want photographers sending in images from workshops…even though this was my workshop. I’m not mad, I just want to kick the judge in the balls.
A new contest is in the works and we have entered another round of fresh images. We’ll see how we fair this time around. Regardless of how we place it’s just so awesome that I get the opotunity to work with clients who appreciate the art!! Thanks everyone.

This was the image that was removed from the contest because it was taken at a workshop in Brasil. I’ll just have to go back and shoot an actual wedding. We have two years left on our Brazilian Visa 🙂

I thought this would have done better but perhaps they thought I had done something to the brides tongue. Her tongue is untouched in the image…I’m not sure if that’s good or bad 😉

This came in 1st in the humor section although I’m not sure what humorous about it?…

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Knotta Lemming - ….until%20you%20discover%20that%20one%20of%20those%20big%20white%20lenses%20in%20his%20bag%20is%20actually%20a%2040oz%20bottle%20of%20Malibu%2C%20hahaha.

Mark Ridout - Yiannis….thank God you don’t drink

Mark Ridout - I felt like I had commited treason by betraying the City Of Kawartha Lakes. I wanted to disqualify myself and repent what I had done. I was saddened and ready to jump…….Then I woke up and realized that the food on my table and the shoes on my feet came from clients in Toronto….I fell back asleep

Kevin Wong - Nice work, Mark. How did it feel to enter as Toronto and not Lindsay!

Yiannis Papakostopoulos - wan Mark’s photo be the best
bur if it doesn’t reach the first
jus let in my eyes rest
cos it clears all other mess..

Ridout. Not less.

My congrats.

Khanh - To your clients you’re hands down #1!!!

Mark Ridout - Actually Curt I didn’t shoot your wedding…Chantal took all the images. I just hung with your cool guests.

curtoneil - What!? You’re saying I only had the 2nd & 5th photographer shoot me. Now I feel bamboozled!

2nd – 5th it’s all good. Honor just being nominated or some thing like that right?

B&W Photography - Congratulations! Great work!

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