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Hasselblad Lens on 5D Mark II – Round Two

Took a few minutes today and tested the hassey lens on my 5D Mark II. I need to purchase a loupe so that I can get an accurate sharp focus off the live view screen. Because everything is manual including the focus, the best way to focus is using the 10x live view. After returning home and viewing the images they definitely have a smooth gradation and sharp sharp results. Next time out I’ll try the 80mm lens.

Brought out the 500 CM…blew off the dust and tested the telephoto/portrait  lens on the Canon 5D Mark II with excellent results.

I love the spelling on the box….it’s really not all that “bad”

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Heleno Clemente - I didn’t know that possibility. I’ll try to get some adapter for my Hassel lens. Your photos are wonderful.

Mark Ridout - You’ll need the adapter that takes the Hassey mount to the Canon mount available on E bay. It works like a charm but remember your all manual…focus and exposure

Tracey Lytle - Dear Mark,

I have the Mark II, and you say the lens from the hasselblad really worked on the camera???? WOW!!!! incredible!!! Where did you get the HB? (hasselbad-haha) Want more info! Incredible sharpness – i am blown away.


Mark Ridout - hmmm….because I don’t feel like holding onto negatives, scanning them if I want to print at home, scanning them if I want to enhance them in photoshop and I don’t want to wait 5 days to see my prints…I need instant gratification….. I could be gone tomorrow

ANDREAS - Hmm…why not just shoot Film on that Hassleblad and there you go..far better resolution and image quality.

M for Madness - “Mark Ridout – Chantal can be a birch once a month…it doesn’t make her poplar”

….and that’s when you become a weeping willow?

M 🙂

Mark Ridout - Chantal can be a birch once a month…it doesn’t make her poplar

Jennifer Gilbert - Wow! I’m blown away by these images! Did you do much processing to them?

M for Madness - “trina schaetz – mark…the birch! fantastic!”

Hey Mark I wouldn’t let Trina talk about Chantal like that…


trina schaetz - mark…the birch! fantastic!

Carmen - What a beautiful colour palette!

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