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Eye Art – Optometrist Dr. Tahmina Arieb

Dr Tahmina Arieb checked out my eyes today and said everything looks great but unfortunately she can do nothing to help with my brain 🙂  From the front, the machine looks very high tech. But look past the small, curved shelf where you rest your chin and you’ll notice that the operator is pressing the shutter of what looks suspiciously like a very standard, digital SLR camera.

These machines take images of the back of the inside of your eye and are used to diagnose conditions such as glaucoma. The retina is also the only place in the human body where blood vessels can be directly observed so detailed pictures can also help doctors spot the early signs of diabetes and hypertension. A very clear, high resolution image is essential so that doctors can detect the exact formation of blood vessels and tissues in an area just a few millimeters wide.

The cameras used in these units have been specially adapted and the infrared cut-off filter found in many sensors is removed.  The resulting camera can handle multiple kinds of retina imaging, including high quality infra red observation mode. I’m going to have a canvas created of my retina photograph and hang it in my office. If you need your eyes tested let Dr. Tahmina look after your exam in the well equipped office and be sure to check out your “Eye Art”.  Next week I’m going to share my colonoscopy scans 🙂

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