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Dining On The Porch 2009 – an orgasmic experience

It all started last March 28th when Chantal and I, along with Garnet and Tammy Brydon attended a fundraiser “Colours Of Hope Gala” for the Kawartha-Haliburton Children’s Aid Society. Proceeds from the event will send children to camp this summer and to the Margaret Davies Bursary Fund. To make a long story short what started as an auction item of a bottle of Inniskillin 1996 icewine in a beautiful unique limited edition hand blown crystal bottle by Canadian glass artist Brad Copping turned into a much larger item. When all was said and done (and paid for) we had not only made a considerable worthwhile donation to the Childrens Aid Society, secured the unique icewine but also included the services of award winning and best selling author of wine books and food pairing cookbooks, Shari Darling.   Her most recent book Orgasmic Appetizers and Matching Wines…tiny bites with the moan factor has won a Gourmand World Cookbook Award. In a very Oprah like moment Chantal and I purchased copies for all of our guests 🙂 Shari is also the creator and CEO of Orgasmic Culinary Creations, a company producing cookbooks and artisan food products for the wine lover and avid home cook. During the auction bidding on the bottle of Icewine Sherri decided to donate her time and skill and include hosting a dinner with wine for 6 people. We ended the bidding with Shari hosting the 7th Annual Dining On The Porch and thrilling 16 of our closest  friends with her wine and culinary expertise. She really had no idea what she was getting into 🙂  I consider myself a very good cook and have cooked for all but two of the annual dining events. Without question this year has been the best and most memorable for both Chantal and I and I’m sure our friends.  Thank you Shari for your generosity and for making Dining On The Porch 2009 the best year ever!!!  A big hug and thank you to Sherri’s help, Sommelier Sadie Darby and her life partner Henry.  For more fun be sure to visit Sherri’s Blog The Moan Factory

Our five course meal included some of  Sherri’s products along with recipes from Orgasmic Appetizers. Cold Melon and Icewine Gazpacho with Mango Stilton Cream and Candied Mint paired with Inniskillin Vidal Icewine Reserve.

French Kissed Salmon on Potatoes in Parchment paired with Jackson Triggs Chardonnay Reserve

Rosemary Chicken stuffed with brie and wild mushrooms with a side of Wheatberry Salad, toasted walnuts and sun dried blueberries paired with Colio Estates CEV Merlot Reserve

Black Tea Infused Chocolate Truffles. I can’t remember the actual wine that was paired here but it was homemade and without a doubt the best wine I have ever tasted “homemade”  A chocolate infused concoction that was to die for!

and lastly we ended with Ice and Fire (see image below)

This is the official “Dining On The Porch Venue” The curtains are put up every year for a little more privacy and removed the following day.

Dining On The Porch 2009

Dining On The Porch 2009

Every year I create a print and give it away that evening. The canvas print was taken during an engagement shoot in Paris France and was taken in Monets Garden in Giverny France. Garnet and Tammy were the winners this year.

The annual giveaway stretched canvas

The Prize stretched canvas

Friends Dining 2009

The official Hosts portrait 🙂 ….taken by our son Isaac

The official hosts

below : Jimmy trying to blow up the garlic.

blowing up the garlic

below: Frank calling home

Dining On The Porch 2009

Sadie, Sherri and Henry

This was the ice encrusted bottle of Grappa. “Fire and Ice” The idea was to take a shot (sip) to help digest. I didn’t hear the sip part and just threw it back….yikes that was some strong shit!

Ice and Fire

And lastly the next morning I decided to have a look at the damage 16 people can make…24 bottles of wine!  The large bottle was a three litre!….did I mention I had a sore head the next day.

Dining On The Porch aftermath

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M for Madness - If this was in Scotland, the pictorial would have ended with an image of an ambulance outside the house. Either that or at least some blood stained shirts and soccer graffiti on the side of your car.

You obviously have some posh friends…


Sarah Jeynes - Love it! You guys had an awesome time and I’m sure the headache was worth it! 🙂

Melanie - WOw..what an amazing party! And the pics aren’t bad either!

Lindsay Hayes - Nice Dad…

Will Pridham - Man… I gotta get to one of these sometime. Hope nobody drove home 🙂

The Dobbs - That is a fantastic night in my eyes!!

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