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David Jay vs Davide Greene and Michael Anderson

Every now and then I receive an e mail or read a story that peaks my interest. Appears that David Jay canceled his tour with the Craft Your Success Tour after his no show in Toronto. Although I haven’t read any responses from Davide or Michael it appears the show goes on. During the busiest time of the season it’s nice to stop and read the bullshit that goes on outside of the bubble I’m in 🙂
Some nice reading craft your success tour blog

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Adam - I saw DJ interviewed on the new site F-Stop Beyond. Seems like a nice fellow. Too bad he has a bad taste in his mouth now for Canadians. Don’t let a bad apple spoil the bunch! In the spring of this year I was fortunate to attend the 1 day seminar “Two Views” by Joe Buissink and Yervant. It was great and very well attended. They said in T.O. they had the largest audience of all their cities on this tour. Nice guys, well organized and well sponsored (Canon had a nice display on, Graphistudio was there showing albums, etc). Too bad this one DJ was roped into was a bust. Live and learn.
I also throw a vote in there for Mark to offer a seminar of some kind … even smaller group, 1/2 day jobs more local versus a conference hall with lots of commitment and organization … 🙂

Dan - I bet Bucket Head would be able to get corporate sponsors unlike the hack-fest. I guess they saw the writing on the wall. I look forward to the Bucket Head Tour and seeing Mark turn into a rock star photographer. They might even put his picture on the bus…oh wait that might not be a good idea.

francine Bayley - I think Bucket Head should have his own workshop!

Anyone else agree?

Adam Miasik - I don’t feel sorry for David Jay or anyone involved unfortunately. I know that sounds very terse and inconsiderate, but ponder this. DJ could have done his research a little better. There are allot of reputable professional photographers in Canada with genuine ties to allot of the high profile photographers in his area. One phone call would have revealed everything you need to know about those involved. Personally I would have been much more careful with adding my name to something and giving it a false legitimacy. In the end his endorsement enforced really what we knew to be true already here in Canada. The goods were just not there. Even with DJ’s name attached to the project he couldn’t draw enough people to fill the first two rows. There is no magic bullet here…. beware of the snake oil salesman. Or wait for my DVD it will be out soon!

D'Arcy - Mark, remember that your problem is not a problem if you don’t have a problem with it! Those guys putting on a dog and pony show have a problem…maybe they should start drinking!

Mark Ridout - They didn’t ask me…..I have nothing to sell, I’m too old lookin’ and have a drinking problem.

Luke Arms - Hehehe. I’ve been watching the saga unfold too. Your postcard sums it up! Let me know when you do a print run 😀

Angela - Mother#^%@*&..$D5k@(*#$%…You are the MAN! You’re almost good enough to go on tour with Davide and Michael! Ha! Nice one Mark!

Dan - Mark- As you know I was one of the 75 people used like an idiot at the amateur backyard zoo called “Craft your Successful Failure” As always a brilliant illustration that I am sure will be humorous to a lot of people. Wow I am still in tears!!! Davide and Mike have I think officially dropped off of the face of the earth, David Jay is very upset, and has contacted me to express his anger as well. This could get messy.

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