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Corel Painter – Pixels As Art with Marilyn Sholin

Day two at school and I actually created my first painting ever!! Move over Rembrandt their’s a new kid in town 🙂

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Lisa Coulson - Mark – these are fantastic! Definately would be something I would purchase as part of a wedding package. By the way – you looked great when we saw you on Saturday!

Adam Miasik - Hey Mark,

After you finish playing in the Painter Sandbox, you need to go go straight home. Bella’s pee’d all over your computer, the grass needs cutting, the garbage needs to be taken out and Oh Yeah… your sons girlfriend moved into your bedroom 🙂 Hope you had FUN! FUN! FUN!!!!

Debra Weisheit - I spent a week with Jeremy Sutton at Florida School in May and it was fantastic! I’m sure you’re learning and having fun with Marilyn! I belong to her forum and really enjoy it! Can’t wait to see more of your work!

Marilyn Sholin - Even better having Mark as a student. His talent and creativity is amazing. Mark is amazing in that he has a mission and a vision and a plan and he goes for it. Great guy. Glad he is in the workshop to make it more fun.

Paul McCall - Excellent stuff Mark. Adds another dimension to your work.

Cheers Paul. DWC Member

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