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Chantal Breaks 10K World Record

Ok maybe not the world record but dam I am so proud of my sweety! Chantal and I have both quit smoking. Chantal quit before I did and has been smoke free for two weeks. I’m going into my fourth day and so far everything is ok. I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t have the urge to fire one up but I’m holding off and each day is better. On Canada day Chantal decided that she would enter her first ever 10k run. She signed up for the HBC Run For Canada 10k in stunning Algonquin Provincial Park. The first runner came in at an incredible time of 35 minutes. Wow….it takes me that long to brush my teeth and crawl into bed every evening. The kids and I waited for Chantal to escape the forest and run towards us. At approximately 1:18 she made an appearance from the dense forest, the look of determination and will on her face. My eyes welled with joy….she did it!!! I was so proud of her and will join her next year on the same run. Stay tuned


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Daniel Weylie - Finally did it based on 2 comments by others in this post- I read Allen Carr’s book and found it brilliant. On day 4 now and the cravings are very minimal. thanks to this post i now can enjoy living again – and be free.

Paula - Hi Mark,
also wanted to say congrats to you and Chantal for stopping smoking, I also read the Alan Carr book “easyway to stop smoking forever” except mine was the thick version (as in size, not stupid!)for those who had fell off the wagon with the first and thin version of the book. Worked wonders for me, broke the mental bond I had with smoking and now I can get hammered on red wine and don’t crave one!

daniel weylie - Mark- good job on the smoking thing. I am struggling with abstaining myself. I guess struggling means that I have not quit. Don’t go digging in the flowerbeds for a quick fix- I admit I did and yuckers. Back at it again. P.S. if you can handle yourself around D’Arcy he is the true test. Congrtats Chantal.

Maria - First of all I just want to say that I stop by your website once in a while to get inspired by your photography. Great work! After seeing the post that you stopped smoking I want to give you guys some great advise. I recommend that you read a book by Alan Carr, it should be called something like “The easy way to stop smoking” in english. I read it last spring and has been smokefree ever since. I have hardly had ANY urge to go for a cigarette, ever. It sure was the easy way …
Keep up the good work (both with the photography and the smoke free new life).

By the way. I´m a friend of Petra Hall. That´s how I found your webpage.

Jilly Beans - DAD you and Chantal quit!! Thats great news! I wish I could say the same, me and John next? 🙂 YAY Chantal is an olympian! 😛

Lisa Coulson - Congratulations Chantal on the 10K, and to both of you for quitting smoking! Both amazing accomplishments! I quit smoking a year ago and have never felt better. Each day it gets easier. Be proud of yourselves – it’s a hard hard thing to do!

Rick Lewis - Wonderful news about the smoking! My father was a smoker for over 50 years and died from the effects. We want you around for many more years Mark so we can marvel at your photography. Chantal is an inspiration also! Give her a pat for us.


Margaret - 10K? It is longer than all I have run all my life:) Btw, drinking a lot of green tea will help quit smoking…

Raychelle - Wow you two quit!! That’s great! Look at you Chantal…entering & finishing a 10K!! Very proud of you both 🙂

D'Arcy McNeil - Smoking is like resistance training for the lungs.

Mr. Cigman - Mark,
how can this be good news? I own shares in Rothmans tobacco and the stock market is tanking! Spark up a stick buster!

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