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Camil + Isabella = Charlie

Camil, Isabella and Charlie stopped by the studio for a visit and a quick photo session. It wasn’t that long ago Ridout Photography photographed their beautiful wedding in Toronto. Charlie loved the camera. Here are a few from our visit. Enjoy

Vinko - Hello amazing shoot rly enjoying when watching it
Im new in photography as you can see from my website i lerning my self to be world famus photographer and any help is welcome,what i wanna ask is this: When you do your photography what is import for you

Angela + Andrew = Chase

I photographed Angela and Andrews wedding years ago and recently we met up again at the family farm in Lakefield Ontario. The result of hard work and marital bliss resulted in Chase 🙂  I kept saying “he has a perfect melon” as I photographed the happy lil’ guy.  Here are a few pics from my visit. Great looking family guys….now get him a sister to play with 😉 Enjoy!


Adam Woodhouse - The little fellow in the bowl is excellent!

Wendy - No wonder this little guy has such luminescent eyes! Just check out his parent’s! Great stuff, Mark.

Lynn - Great pics Mark….Love the kid in the bowl one!!

Where Are They Now? – Jennifer & Ryan

Jennifer and Ryan tied the knot just over four years ago and Ridout Photography has documented their progress .  It was by chance that we initially photographed their wedding when they couldn’t get a hold of the assigned photographer. They dropped him and hired us and the rest in history 🙂 Jennifer and Ryan operate Seal Tech a powerwash, seal and stain operation. If you need something done don’t hesitate to give them a call…..the kids need new shoes 😉

View some of our other “Where Are They Now” story’s from past clients who continue to use our services well after the wedding day. CLICK HERE FOR MORE BABY GOODNESS

Jennifer - Amazing Mark, you never cease to amaze us.
Thank you for another job well done.

Where Are They Now?

Recently Chantal and I visited couples Anna & Eric and Kate & Nick . Both couples are expecting newborns very soon. The other interesting fact is that Anna & Nick and Kate & Eric are both brother and sister 🙂 Always a pleasure meeting up with past clients especially these guys. You may remember Kate and Nick from the couple on the love seat with the cows in the background. That image has been published numerous times as well as displayed  recently with Hahnemuhle Paper at WPPI in Las Vegas. Anna and Eric’s wedding was also spectacular both in the venue and the abundance of excellent locations and details. The photograph of their Limo leaving for the wedding ceremony from the family farm remains as one of my favourite images.   We are planning a very cool shoot in June with both couples and will be sure to share that with you but in the mean time enjoy a few of the past album images as well as some recent prego shots 🙂

Ellie Lavery - Beautiful photos of a wonderful family.

Erin Campbell - The baby boots shot ~ amazing.

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