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Another Camping Time-lapse

Chantal has taken the boys for the week and gone camping at Balsam Provincial park. I made dinner (homemade spaghetti) and visited them Thursday late afternoon. It was another great opportunity to create a time lapse video from the visit. Still in the experimental stages but having a lot of fun figuring these clips out….I’m hoping to create a wedding time lapse in the next few weeks. …stay tuned.

daveo - Thanks for putting in the technical info, cool stuff. There’s an amazing time lapse vid on YouTube shot with a 20D, not that yours isn’t great !

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDfqCFFvfag

Melissa Packman-Winsley - love the ending where it looks like the tent catches fire, that’s a lot of light!

Pic Of The Day – Osprey

Ken Reid Park has a picturesque marsh boardwalk, as well as other nature trails,  picnic areas and a beach. The lookout area is an excellent place to view Osprey in McLaren Marsh. Taken with the Canon 400mm 2.8 and a Canon EF 2x II extender. I also used Chantals camera the Canon 30d…because it’s faster then the 5D Mark II and has a smaller sensor (1.6X multiplication factor) to bring focal length to a whopping 1280mm. I plan on going back….I would love to capture this bird plucking a fish from the marsh.

Mark Ridout - “I covet what thous has.”
I’ll be posting a complete story on how you CAN get this lens along with some pretty cool portraits and wedding images using this giant. The post is in the works and I’ll let the cat out of the bag in the next little while 🙂

Adam Woodhouse - That is just too wicked!

I covet what thous has.

My Lil’ Page Rocks!

Looks like my Grand-daughter is digging Cage The Elephant. Jennifer (my daughter) and Page have been invited to Toronto for a little audience participation at MTV. Rock on Page! Jennifer also mentioned that Rock 95 is posting this video to their website and mentioning Page on the air between 4:50-6:00 pm today.  Is this how Britney Spears started?


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Pam Stritzel - Paige is adorable, Mark!

Jennifer - **correction** Shawn and I will be @ MTV, Page is underage 😛

C l i e n t   G a l l e r i e s
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