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Lindsay Ugly Award

Congratulations goes out to the Fred Reynolds Group on being the next winner of the Lindsay Good Bad and Ugly Awards. Frederick G. Reynolds Group takes home the coveted Ugly Award this month and a $150.00 gift certificate compliments of Ridout Photography. The certificate can be used for any service or product offered by Ridout Photography. I wanted to contact them through their website http://www.reynoldsgroup.ca/ but unfortunately it’s a tad light on information. Dam I wish the property was as clean as their website 🙂

It was a very difficult decision in awarding the coveted Lindsay”Ugly Award” as there were a number of contenders this month. With the hard work of our judges and some excellent images for verification, this little jem was the clear winner .

Certainly the irony of the sign saying this is on “Lindsays Golden Mile” isn’t lost on anybody. If the City Of Kawartha Lakes would introduce an Ugly tax this owner would need a very sharp accountant. There isn’t a law that says one must care about how things look but this property is the poster boy for disinterested landowners everywhere. A building that has stood vacant for well over five years is a great advertisement to the entrance of our lovely city. Community responsibility is an age old concept that seems to have been forgotten here. As for the sign that hangs on the weathered and rotting front door..I do see the sense of banning dogs from this pig pen. Congratulations!!

To view other Lindsay Good Bad and Ugly winners just click here and scroll through past winners or subscribe to our feed above on the little orange icon. Until the next award….happy viewing.




Paul Bell - It must have been very difficult choosing with so many lovely festering scabs to choose from. For future posts, may I recommend Lindsays fine motels.

Christine - Just found your website and the good, bad & ugly awards. This is great! I also nominate you for Citizen of the Month!!! Really….who is going to make the call to clean up this town? There is a lot of potential here if only somebody in the mayor’s office would make a decision once in awhile.

the big guy - Oh I also forgot to tell you awesome pics!!!!! You can make crap look good!!!

the big guy - Finally someone has posted to the internet some real crap that Lindsay has to offer its population and visitors!!!!
Thanks Mark for posting this !!!!
Maybe you should direct this to the City Hall and see if any one in this community has the balls to stand up and do something about this eye sore!!!!Does anyone give a crap?!

Mark I award you the Citizen of the Month award!!! Thanks for waking us all up!!!!!

Back To Business – Lindsay Good Award

The council of 2010-2014 was sworn in at city hall last Monday, and for that we offer this Months Good Award to all returning and new  members of council. Lets make the next four years of council the best yet…..I don’t want to have to hand out any bad awards 😉   There will be no gift certificates awarded to City councilers for this Months Good Award . Your award will come in the way of better headshots 🙂 Be sure to check out all past winners of the Lindsay Good, Bad and Ugly Awards HERE  (just scroll down and page back to look at past lucky winners)

Judge Lorne Chester officated the declarations of office and presentation of mayoral chain


Michael Campbell - Dear Mark,

I have been a follower of your slideshow for quite sometime.

It’s only after viewed Jeremy and Joyce in Paris that I had to

write to enquire what the name of the tracks were that

accompanied the slideshow.

Kind Regards Michael Campbell

LCVI Jr. Spartans vs Belleville Centennial Chargers – COSSA junior AAA

I haven’t given a Lindsay Good Award in some time….Lindsay LCVI Jr. Spartan Football Team wins this months good award. If you didn’t make it out to the field Friday November 12th you missed an incredible game. Each of the players receive a gift certificate that gives them 15.00 off their print order.  Use code LCVI when checking out and the certificate will be applied. Check out all of the images taken during this final game between the 2010 Jr. Spartan Football Team and the Belleville Centennial Chargers and order your prints today. Hurry! Gift certificate expires November 30th 2010  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY

WPW Support - Great shots Mark.. Whats next Staff Photo @ Sport Illustrated 🙂

In The Hood – Lindsay Ontario

It’s not always about wedding photos and pretty babies 🙂 Perhaps one day I’ll work for the Lindsay Post and shoot team photos. This weeks team The City Of Kawartha Lakes Police Service.

Mark Ridout - …no bullets….no pain

Jesse - In pic number 6 the backs of the police, it looks like the officer on the left has no clip in his gun?

Mark Ridout - I’ll leave the newspaper stuff to you Jason…it’s hard not to shoot this when it’s 5:00 in the morning and they’re screaming outside your bedroom window 🙂

Jason Bain - Wow. Some newspaper editor. Make that ‘You’re hired!’

Mark Ridout - Don’t you mean… When the party was nice, the party was jumpin’ (Hey, Yippie, Yi, Yo)
And everybody havin’ a ball (Hah, ho, Yippie Yi Yo)
I tell the fellas “start the name callin'” (Yippie Yi Yo)
And the girls report to the call
The poor dog show down……who let the dogs out! who who whowho

Daniel Weylie - You couldn’t have hired models for this. Unreal ! That first shot is something else. You sure have captured some of the spice of Lindsay, almost making it look like an exciting town. who ya gonna call …who ya gonna call.

Theressa - Tate looks hot in this pic,I’ll have to tell him to check this out. Great work Mark your very talanted!!!

Erin Campbell - Seriously. Best. Blog post. EVER!

Susan - powerful editorial content…the last image sums it up.

Kevin - wow….you can even make a street rumble look great! Love the story here and the Lindsay Police do an awesome job!

Mar Tin - Great advert for Glock and we know which officer is a leftie too!

daveo - Great PJ series, what a change! The last photo puts a human side to the conflict.

Lindsay Ribfest 2010 – Good Award

This months Lindsay Good Award goes to Young’s Community Foundation in organizing the 1st of the The Lindsay Ribfest Invitational.  The Rib Fest Invitational is taking place this weekend and appears that it should be a success.  Just returned with the boys from a great lunch. We decided to purchase a half rack from each of the big players and what a treat to taste some excellent BBQ Ribs. The only downside to our lunch was that there was no place to sit and eat even though the tables in the beer garden were empty. I’m sure they’ll have that sorted out over the next few days. Go get yourself some ribs….you won’t be dissapointed. Just don’t wear a white T shirt like I did 🙂

We even ran into another of our wedding clients Vicki Stewart with the youngest rib eater at the event

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