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Hamilton Ontario – Easter Grunge

Just returned from a short visit with family in Brantford this Easter weekend and spent Saturday morning photographing some urban grunge in Hamilton. My brother Tom was the guide who also photographs with the 5D Mark II. His work can be viewed here http://www.tomridout.com     as well as http://www.in dustryous.com  I needed the break as well as the excellent food and beverages served over the weekend 🙂 Enjoy!

I hate junks also…perfectly understandable.
This was an interesting monument we happened across while walking the tracks. A newspaper clipping taped to the cross displayed the young victims name and age as well as family names of those that were grieving. We thought perhaps the young man was hit by a train or possibly murdered at this spot…..

Photographers Barrie - Great textures & HDR!

Tom - Mark, next time I’ll wear more sensible footwear. My Bally loafers got all dirty in that abandoned foundry. Hendrys was no help at all.

In The Hood – Lindsay Ontario

It’s not always about wedding photos and pretty babies 🙂 Perhaps one day I’ll work for the Lindsay Post and shoot team photos. This weeks team The City Of Kawartha Lakes Police Service.

Mark Ridout - …no bullets….no pain

Jesse - In pic number 6 the backs of the police, it looks like the officer on the left has no clip in his gun?

Mark Ridout - I’ll leave the newspaper stuff to you Jason…it’s hard not to shoot this when it’s 5:00 in the morning and they’re screaming outside your bedroom window 🙂

Jason Bain - Wow. Some newspaper editor. Make that ‘You’re hired!’

Mark Ridout - Don’t you mean… When the party was nice, the party was jumpin’ (Hey, Yippie, Yi, Yo)
And everybody havin’ a ball (Hah, ho, Yippie Yi Yo)
I tell the fellas “start the name callin'” (Yippie Yi Yo)
And the girls report to the call
The poor dog show down……who let the dogs out! who who whowho

Daniel Weylie - You couldn’t have hired models for this. Unreal ! That first shot is something else. You sure have captured some of the spice of Lindsay, almost making it look like an exciting town. who ya gonna call …who ya gonna call.

Theressa - Tate looks hot in this pic,I’ll have to tell him to check this out. Great work Mark your very talanted!!!

Erin Campbell - Seriously. Best. Blog post. EVER!

Susan - powerful editorial content…the last image sums it up.

Kevin - wow….you can even make a street rumble look great! Love the story here and the Lindsay Police do an awesome job!

Mar Tin - Great advert for Glock and we know which officer is a leftie too!

daveo - Great PJ series, what a change! The last photo puts a human side to the conflict.

Sunday Drive – Gone Camping

Chantal and the boys are off camping for the week. That means a week of hard work, album building, slide show building and a quick trip to Toronto for a flash repair (that’s another story)  Here is a short experimental clip from today as I helped build their new homes for the week.

Dan Weyli - Nice idea Mark- I planned on a hard week of album building, editing while Theresa and the kids were gone for a week of camping. Good luck to you.

Mark Ridout - No in-camera video here my friend…just a shit load of jpegs stitched together and output as a video 🙂

daveo - Creative use of the onboard vid, assuming it was done with the 5D mark II. Checked out your review of the 400mm 2.8, taking wedding detail photos with that lens is definitely thinking outside the box !

the road less traveled – highway 7

Coming back from Ottawa a couple of weekends ago I had to pull over. The boys were getting restless and just wanted to get home….but they are getting used to my sudden stops.

Rideau Canal Ottawa

This older gentlemen was sitting outside of the Fairmont Chateau Laurier doing his crossword. I liked the cigar smoke (I quit a year and a half ago)

fat cigar

passing time

Highway 7 rusting car

Out Of Fuel - Highway 7

rusted metal

I’m not sure what it is but I love finding old rusted cars. Late afternoon sun and just off the highway were these two rusting relics. I may create a large canvas of this one.
Rust In Peace - Highway 7

Mark Ridout - Thanks Sarah…..then you should really like my next post…

Sarah Jeynes - Like the new layout…and the new website homepage updates. Great pics!!

Eagle Place Brownfields – Massey Ferguson – Brantford

I am always fascinated by the sheer size and scope of abandoned buildings. Returning from Ridgetown Ontario this past weekend (shooting a wedding) I made a short stop in Brantford to visit family and friends. It was during a visit to a local photography studio, Empirical Photographic Arts that we decided to infiltrate the site and document this fifty-acre Greenwich/Mohawk site that included the former Massey Ferguson Farm machinery manufacturer. This blighted site has been a danger to the community for more than 30 years but after eight years of significant effort, the site is on the verge of being remediated. It is anticipated that the rehabilitation and integration of this site into the community will be a catalyst for the rejuvenation of the entire surrounding area. Time will tell… but until then it is a standing edifice to Brantfords prosperous past. I plan on returning.

Massey Ferguson Brantford

Pay Day Brantford

Brantford Photographer

Massey Ferguson

Locker Room

Darcy The Mad Photographer

Brantford-Photography-Old Boots


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Randi Scott - You’ve got a nice touch with the HDR

Some darn fine shots of the old ruins too

Randi Scott
aka Brantford Selections

Abigail Derkach - Hello,
I looove the pictures of the Old Massey Ferguson, Brownfields building !! I’m trying to find places in Brantford to take neat wedding photos and would like to know how you got into this place? What are the contacts? Also if you know of any other neat places in Brantford to take wedding photos in December?

Thanks !

Marie J - Great photos, and what a great opportunity!!
I may have the opportunity to photograph the same site.
Did you have to use an external flash, or was there was enough light?

Strange that you mention Ridgetown, I haven’t heard about that place since I was a child. My mother was born and raised there, before later moving to Brantford.

corey - I would love to see more pics of the old massy site as I grew up in eagle place and wonder what it looked like in side and would love to go for a tour through it.

John Prentice - Hey Mark! Love the rim lighting on the sixth photo! Looks great.

Rob - Your first shot is my fav, sweet work with the hdr processing.

Adam Miasik - Hey Mark,

I’d appreciate it if you would return the boots you borrowed from me. Geeze!

Jeff - i’m usually the same, just try to make an hdr from one raw file, but it makes a world of difference when you do it properly… my photomatix must be an older version.. no support for mrk II files…. btw, next time you go urban exploring don’t forget to give me a call… i feel a little neglected 🙂

Mark Ridout - Jeff,
it is actually my first attempt at true HDR using three separate exposures and Photomatix Pro3 to tone map the images. I will keep trying different techniques until I am comfortable with the process….until then i am an HDR noob

Jeff - looks like a smokin’ place to do a shoot Mark! Love the hdr’ish images…

Wayne Simpson - Great find Mark, that place looks like a gold mine for great images! Love the one of the boots and nails!


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