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Meghan & Corey – Nestleton Waters Inn Wedding

Meghan and Corey had a beautiful wedding at the Nestleton Waters Inn this past July. Ridout Photography was there to capture the big day and wonderful weather. The candy bar was a nice touch considering it’s my number one weakness for anything sweet. Here are a few from our day together. All the best to Meghan & Corey….you are a wonderful couple!


Fotografia ?lubna Gda?sk - A lot of emotions and joy. Compositions are tight and timing is unbeatable. Pleasure to watch it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nikolay Mirchev - Stunning work! great portraits and landscapes

Wayne Simpson - Great work as always Mark! Love all the detail shots… they really add to the story!

Rick Lewis - Just awesome Mark!! You never let us down!

Jessica & Michael – Nestleton Waters Inn Wedding

Jessica and Michael had a wonderful time at their dream wedding June 8th 2013 and Ridout Photography was there to capture the day. I have been blessed to photograph weddings around the world and I still rank Nestleton Waters Inn as one of my favourite destination weddings. It really is like going away to photograph a wedding . Everything is so organized and looked after. If you ever are in the area stop in and check out the grounds. here are a few from another wonderful NWI wedding. Enjoy!

Martin - Awesome selection, difficult to pick a favourite but the stone-look with the Bride in the bathroom is stellar.

Paul McCall - Lovin this wedding Mark… ๐Ÿ™‚

Melissa & Greg – Off The Grid Wedding

Just down the trail by four wheel vehicle, over a few rock cuts, stumps and around a tight snow covered narrow bend in the road sits High Falls Eddy. A small nicely decorated cottage overlooking the falls and off the grid became the venue for this Kinmount Ontario wedding . Melissa and Greg wanted an intimate quiet wedding with no fan fare, just family and friends. Its who they are.ย  Melissa and Greg understand the importance of documenting this occasion and Ridout Photography was thrilled to be included in the event.ย  We had free reigns on artistic impression and had a great time capturing the day. It was a relaxed fun event and the day turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. I worked the entire afternoon with no jacket. Enjoy a few of my faves!

Kenoa - I really love your work. Congratulations

Pam - Awesome job…as always ๐Ÿ™‚

Phil + Khanh = Arthur

Congratulations to Phil & Khanh on their newest arrival Arthur Philip weighing in atย 7 lbs 0.4 ounces and nineteen inches in length. Chantal and I photographed their wedding in Cuba at theย  Iberostar Laguna Azul and not to long ago photographed Arthur waiting to arrive ๐Ÿ™‚ ….stay tuned for more images of Arthur from Ridout Photography as Chantal and I plan on visiting the family in Pennsylvania.

This is Phil trying to retrieve his keys from the locked vehicle using a coat hanger. He was unsuccessful and for a moment I thought that their baby was going to be born in Lindsay.
This is Phil looking happy and relieved that Khanh did not have her baby in Lindsay
The next two images were supplied by Arthur’s happy parents

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Khanh - If we had needed to give birth in Lindsay, I’m sure you would have been a terrific midwife, LOL.

And we love the pictures, of course!!!

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