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A Short Break – Lindsay Central Exhibition

I always try and make time to visit the Lindsay Central Exhibition as there is always a great selection of subjects to shoot.  This year I got rained out just as it was starting to come together. I had to beg a Carny to give me a garbage bag to cover my two cameras for the run back to the car 🙂 Hopefully next year I can have more then an hour to shoot….ok back to editing weddings

I always start my shoot with a helping of healthy fair Poutine from the church food booth. This might explain my weight issues……

I had to take this image….I could see his socks from a block away….love it!

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Erin Campbell - I don’t see anything wrong with wearing “Where’s Waldo” socks at the county fair. Maybe it’s so his wife wouldn’t find him 🙂

melissa - Great pictures Mark! the fair food is always good!

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