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Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

I recently had one of my images purchased by a greeting card company This Moment based out of Edmonton Ontario. It’s an honour to be published along side some excellent photographers. I wish “This Moment” great success in their newly formed company. I guess if all else fails and sales are not as strong as they had hoped……they could always mail themselves a get well soon card.

This Momentâ„¢ is an Edmonton based social greetings company that creates environmentally responsible, high quality greeting cards and accessories that explore themes of family, friendship, community, multiculturalism, self-realization, spirituality, and education.

They are a start-up company currently operating as a partnership with four equal owners: Naazima Ali, Dawn Burgess, Michael Burgess, and Tim Marsh. Dawn and Michael were wed within weeks of Naazima and Tim in the summer of 1995, but the roots of the quartet’s deep friendship stretches back more than a decade beyond that.

This Momentâ„¢ is committed to environmental stewardship; as such, we use the most environmentally responsible products, packaging, and processes available. Our products are never individually wrapped in plastic, nor are they made with anything other than Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, post-consumer waste, and/or non-tree papers. Our inks are vegetable based and local suppliers are resourced to minimize transportation.

This image came about from a wedding that Chantal and I were shooting in Cuba. As the wedding party and I were enjoying a beverage on a visit into the local town from our resort, I noticed this couple talking to each other across the street. I decided to approach them to see if they would allow us all to tour their home. Much to my surprise they were open to 15 people tramping through their small quaint home. As we entered into one of the bedrooms I asked if I could take a photo of Mom and her Daughter. The rest is history.

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