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Ridout Photography – Nestleton Waters Inn – Prefered Vendor

We are happy to announce that Ridout Photography is officially a preferred vendor for Nestleton Waters Inn. It was probably close to three years ago when we first visited and photographed a wedding here. We  discovered  an oasis of manicured lawns, gorgeous gardens, statues, fountains and elegantly appointed accommodations. Every year we would continue to […]

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Mark Ridout - The red glow in the second image is a natural occurring aura that surrounds me when I am photographing…….ok it might be a burning candle 😉

Supairx - Dear Mark. I am not quite religious and one of the reasons is that I think both heaven and hell terms would be quite an “ego administratively based system” that doesn’t suit the “God” term itself. If in any case I dream of heaven and “have” to admit that no one from the administration need to copy anything, I am pretty sure they are borrowing your work, vision and ideas to make things better up there. After all, the best humans are going to end up there, it owed to be the best place according to the life lived or seen down here.
Hell, even hell should advertise that to torture people for missing heaven 🙂
By the way, admiring the 2nd shot I notice a beautiful red light cast on the trees from the left side which is not anticipated according to the lighting in the panoramic one (which is one of the best I have seen-according to my taste). Is it gelled or natural from a light source missing in the pano? Just out of curiosity…

Madness - Equally well appointed selection of images. Well done in being the properly preferred pontificated photographer.

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