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Radio Popper Commercial – Toronto

Not to long ago I visited the big smoke to photograph a model for radio popper. On a sweltering hot, full sun afternoon we visited a parking lot that showed the skyline of Toronto in the background as well as the incredible range and versatility of the Radio Popper system. I think the edited footage […]

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Supairx - Apart from being an inspiration in your field and truly a true natural for commercials (the ones you carefully choose to promote) you spontaneously manage to keep your modesty and personality. And that combination dear Mark is finally invaluable. At least to me.
Thank you maestro. You always find a way to show me life as could be β€œlit”.

Khanh - You’re a natural even in front of the camera!

Mark Ridout - That’s old news…I dated Marilyn Chambers in the 80’s

Angela DeSalvo - Nice! That’s your break, you could be America’s next porn star!

Jason - I would say the other product on the market that would be comparable if not better than the radiopopper system would be the new pocket wizard flex and mini. I have become a big fan very quickly!

Ridout Photography Workshop this Sunday June 26th, Elmira Ontario – a few spaces available

There are still a few spaces remaining to fill for this Sunday. This is an excellent opportunity to spend a day with Ridout Photography photographing in beautiful Elmira Ontario. Mark will share over 30 years of experience, photoshop techniques, favourite plugins as well as lighting techniques including strobe, flash, reflector and available light. Bring your […]

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ChiChi - Hey Mark, Thanks for the great learning experience & support. Look forward to your next workshop..

M for Madness - Oh i’ve touched the 400 all right… I remember the bloodshot marks on my shoulder from carrying it around all day.

M πŸ™‚

Mark Ridout - A little mentoring is not a bad thing. Purchase a ticket and join us..I’ll buy you a scotch and even let you touch the 400 2.8 πŸ™‚

M for Madness - Awesome promo that would not look out of place on the Discovery Channel. If free Scotch, Haggis and some old cheddar is included I would be interested. Won’t be able to focus… but i’d be interested…

M πŸ™‚

Pic Of The Day

Last Friday I had the pleasure of working with Frank Wilson Jr. on this particular wedding in Keene Ontario. Frank traveled all the way from Jackson Mississippi to share a few days with Chantal and I.Β  I’ll have a full blog post soon on our time together. Here is an image we are running full […]

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megan - Gorgeous photo!! Thanks for a wonderful day – we had so much fun and would like to get married again just to spend time with you!!!

Frank Wilson - Hey Mark and Chantal,
It was an experience of a lifetime visiting and hanging out with you guy’s. I will be forever grateful for the hospitality extended to me. I’ll try and match it with some southern hospitality when you guy’s come to Mississippi soon. Can’t wait for the full blog. Until then, don’t let your stomach stick out further than your booty do!

M for Madness - Beautiful use of the overhanging flowers.

M πŸ™‚

Round 2 with Translite 2.0 and artist Holly O

Ridout Photography visited Paris Ontario recently to photograph an engagement shoot (awesome pics to follow) and to hook up with Willow Paper Works to give the Translite 2.0 another test. This time we attached a Aurora softbox to the head of the portable strobe which gave us a softer look to the images. The images […]

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Sarah - Aurora softbox below attaches with an adapter ring

I just bought the translite in a kit with the Aurora Beauty box and can’t find what this part is or where to buy it anywhere, what is it called?

thanks so much, can’t wait to use my translite.

ChiChi - Mark,

The softbox we used was an Aurora 18×24 This is the older version. current version available is Square Softbox – LBDR66S 24″ x 24″ (Silver)

Mark Ridout - I believe the softbox is 26″…The pocket Wizard System I have never used as I quite often use the Radio Poppers with my canon 580’s at high speed sync. The Translite 2.0 is another lighting choice from the many out there. For some it will be an excellent tool….and for others they may not need it if they are already equipped with tools such as yours. So much out there….and not enough money πŸ™‚

Jason - Hi Mark. I am curious as to what size the softbox pictured is? I am also wondering if you have played with the new pocket wizard system? I love mine! It is even possible to shoot at 1250th at full power with an alienbee. They work beautifully with the nikon speedlights in high speed sync as well. As always, a pleasure viewing your work!

M for Madness - Very clean images. I like the mounts on this unit, they look very sturdy and practical. Firstly the handle to the monopod, the remote trigger mount and lastly the ring attachment to accommodate the softbox.

It certainly looks simple and well thought out. The weight factor of course is of great benefit especially while holding the whole ensemble on a monopod above your head. Sorry, I mean your poor assistant’s head. (Does it come with a hard hat and florescent vest?)


Holly. O. - Brilliant photos Mark! I really look like a colourful character now! grazie mille!!

ChiChi - Hey Buckethead,

Too Funny.. Duh!!, Always a pleasure to assist and test gear with you.. Great shots of our friend “Holly O” and thanks for the continued support


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