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Radio Popper Commercial – Coming Soon

Radio Popper was visiting the Henry’s Camera Show recently in Toronto and contacted myself to see if I was interested in doing a quick shoot with the Radio Popper. Jedrzej Jonasz better known as JJ filmed the demonstration and is currently compiling the footage into the next Radio Popper segment. Thanks to Adam from Moving […]

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Tom Ridout - Mark, has anyone ever told you that you have a very large lens?

Khanh - You’d do a mean Flamingo, I can tell. Great photos!

Good luck with your race this weekend!!!

Adam Woodhouse - I hope you were at least given a free set of Radio Poppers for doing this! lol

Look’n forward to seeing the show. Looks like fun.

WPW Translite 2.0 Flash Kit tested- Ridout Approved

In the Great City Of Kawartha Lakes, on a cloudless early afternoon under the full sun, Ridout Photography peeled the plastic off the brand spankin’ new lightweight portable Translite 2.0 strobe.  The good people over at Willow Paper Works (WPW) were kind enough to let me try out this unit and I couldn’t have been […]

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Mark Ridout - Honestly you could easily get away with just one unit for group shots although two would be awesome. I see myself using it outside for a group shot with my assistant standing beside me for the group shots holding it high above my camera. Any possible flash shadow’s would be directly behind the subjects. It’s a compact powerful flash that worked flawlessly. The only issues I had during the test was the wireless transmitter and receiver I was using needed a new cable from the receiver to the flash unit (weakest link in a set up 99% of the time) and I was getting the odd no flash. Once I taped the cord so nothing moved I received 100% firing. The battery itself I am told is excellent and the stats for it can be viewed at Willow Paper Works

M for Madness - It’s certainly very portable and light. One of the problems carrying the WL full size strobes around. The battery size is the most attractive feature and what a nice touch having it double as a 580EX II power unit.

For group shots I’d imagine a couple of units either side would be necessary. Wonder how many flashes one full battery can provide?

Nice test, Willow owe you an ice-cream.


Mark Ridout - Hey Rubber Neck…I had no pricing on the unit but I believe they will be $499.00 for the 2.0 version. Pretty good deal considering the portability and power. Blow the dust off your leather and saddle up pretty boy!

Tom - Hey fudge slapper how much is this rig?

Wayne Simpson - Hey Mark, do you know what kind of power output that puppy has? Don’t see it in your post, unless I missed something. I’m curious how it compares to something like the elinchrom quadra in regards to power.

Francine - Thank you Mark for the productive and fun product testing session. The photos turned out wonderful!

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