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Monthly Archives: February 2011

From Cuba to Vegas to Friendship – Khanh and Phil

Chantal and I caught up with Khanh and Phil when we visited Las Vegas last week. We had the pleasure of spending an entire week with them and documenting their beautiful wedding in Varadero Cuba. If you missed that blog post I have attached a few below. Khanh and Phil are so happy together and […]

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Paul McCall - Seriously ROFL with the shirt comment. Bahahaha.

Tom - Mark I want you to give back that shirt you are wearing. It belongs to Muammar Gaddafi and he’s pissed that you stole it from him when you shot that wedding in Libya.

Lynn Wilson - AWESOME PICS….as usual Mark. I really like the bell one and the one on the steps!!! Great job!!!

Khanh - This post makes me so happy! It was great seeing you and Chantal, I think that we’ll be visiting you guys in Lindsay soon…=)

Erin Campbell - LOVE the one on the stairs!

Yiannis Papakostopoulos - For the comment quoted on the post and the original:
Khanh, dont worry. You already seem to be married to the best photographer anyhow… Try to divorce him if you can 🙂
And thanks to that i can enjoy again and again the beauty of happy life happened and captured.
Love all the aspects of you both and the “eye” behind you…
Details need a forum here, but at the end is what we all feel that makes it count in short.
Thank you all for letting us be there…


M for Madness - Oh wow, I don’t know what one I like best. The tree root against the wall is fantastic but so too is the terracotta tiles. The bell shot…. ooooh it’s tempting to want to go and clank something off it..

The lighting on the stair and bulldozer shots are very interesting.

Did I say wow already….


Ridout Photography & Pane Vino Catering with Chef Andrew Munro

Recently Ridout Photography and Pane Vino paired up to share space at a recent Bridal show right here in our own back yard. Owner and Sommelier Louis Karkabasis came up with the booth concept to offer potential clients a relaxing elegant experience while sampling and viewing our services. We basically created a living and dining […]

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Dan Weylie - I think you and D’Arcy are on to something here! Wine and a contract! Hmmm. Booth looks good Mark! Nice idea.

Nicole & Travis Wedding Trailer

Pretty cool wedding trailer with time lapse photography at the 1:25 marker but watch the whole thing 🙂 Enjoy!

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judy kay bryan - One Word Amazing!

M for Madness - Ryan loved it, especially the two depth charges when your credit came up at the end. Time lapse was good, the fact it panned from left to right was awesome… We even saw you in action.

Excellent, we’re off to look at it again and turn up the speakers…..


Connie - Mark you are absolutely brilliant. I hav goosebumps all over, and so can’t wait for ours to be done! I am a huge fan. Take care and keep the creative juices flowing.

Elma - brillant.

Darwin Wiggett – Inspiration… back at you

An absolute honor to be recognized and considered an inspiration by Darwin Wiggett. Recently I was contacted by his office staff to supply this image as well as a short description for his blog. I have followed Darwin’s work myself for years. Darwin shares a wealth of information both on his blog and website as […]

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olya - so sweet!!!

Sarah Y. - It’s so great to see my favourite photo of Odinn again, Mark! I love, love, love this shot.

Mark Ridout - Raychelle…I could do the same for you…get busy!

Raychelle - Love this shot! So gorgeous 🙂

Wayne Simpson - That’s so cool to see you and Darwin connecting! Darwin has been a huge inspiration in my landscape photography, just as you have been in my people photos. My wife and I have got to know Darwin and his girl friend Samantha quite well over the last few years I can honestly say that they are some of the best people we know… truly genuine and giving people. Our lives are richer for knowing them.

I look forward to meeting you and your wife one day when we are back in good ol’ Lindsay for a visit!

Wayne Simpson

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