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Pic Of The Day – Shadow Lake

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sandi - What a spectacular shot. Not often can you get calm water with cloud cover that intense. SWEET

Laura - It looks great from other angles too, don’t you have some great shots of Shadow from a boat and from a plane, and at a wedding. A very popular spot. Hope to see you guys soon. Laura

Raychelle - Beautiful!

Khanh - This picture is intense and serene at the same time. Beautiful!

A Short Break – Lindsay Central Exhibition

I always try and make time to visit the Lindsay Central Exhibition as there is always a great selection of subjects to shoot.  This year I got rained out just as it was starting to come together. I had to beg a Carny to give me a garbage bag to cover my two cameras for […]

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Erin Campbell - I don’t see anything wrong with wearing “Where’s Waldo” socks at the county fair. Maybe it’s so his wife wouldn’t find him 🙂

melissa - Great pictures Mark! the fair food is always good!

Pic Of The Day – Vintage Racer

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Sarah - I love Jack’s expresssion. Great photo.

WPW Support - I WANT THAT CAR… Great shot Mark

Yannis - What an aspect, attitude, treatment. What a feeling that pops out. I guess from now on Jack is going to carry a copy with him and show off to all of his friends. I’m not sure when he grows up if he will admire racers or photographers more. It will definitely be a moment to remember for a lifetime for a lot of people.

francine - I want that car 🙂 I agree,it is very cute.

sandi - THAT picture turned out fantastic!
What a great day Mark Thank You…AND….you were especially GREAT with Jack. FYI he was asking about you this morning.
Can’t wait to see the rest of them.

Erin - LOVE this picture of Jack!!! Can’t wait to see more.

hodgy - Great Stuff, love the attitude.

Tanzyn - sooo cute!:)

Pic Of The Day – Serious Glass

A comparison in size from left to right. The 400 2.8,  300 2.8 and the 70-200 2.8….try them all from Canada Lens Rentals….the pro lens rental leader for photographers across Canada.

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Shawn - Very nice. Too bad it doesn’t come in NIKON black!!!

M for Madness - Hey, I know that guy!
Thanks for the tip on Sun Camera Service. Often the Head Offices of the manufacturers are embroiled in red tape and high prices. Not to mention a “standard” 6 week waiting period.


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