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International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers – 5th Place Finish

Not to long ago I sent in some images to the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. I came in 2nd place overall among the best wedding photographers in the world. NOT!!…one of my images was from a workshop that I spoke at in Brasil and was not allowed which placed me lower in the […]

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Knotta Lemming - ….until%20you%20discover%20that%20one%20of%20those%20big%20white%20lenses%20in%20his%20bag%20is%20actually%20a%2040oz%20bottle%20of%20Malibu%2C%20hahaha.

Mark Ridout - Yiannis….thank God you don’t drink

Mark Ridout - I felt like I had commited treason by betraying the City Of Kawartha Lakes. I wanted to disqualify myself and repent what I had done. I was saddened and ready to jump…….Then I woke up and realized that the food on my table and the shoes on my feet came from clients in Toronto….I fell back asleep

Kevin Wong - Nice work, Mark. How did it feel to enter as Toronto and not Lindsay!

Yiannis Papakostopoulos - wan Mark’s photo be the best
bur if it doesn’t reach the first
jus let in my eyes rest
cos it clears all other mess..

Ridout. Not less.

My congrats.

Khanh - To your clients you’re hands down #1!!!

Mark Ridout - Actually Curt I didn’t shoot your wedding…Chantal took all the images. I just hung with your cool guests.

curtoneil - What!? You’re saying I only had the 2nd & 5th photographer shoot me. Now I feel bamboozled!

2nd – 5th it’s all good. Honor just being nominated or some thing like that right?

B&W Photography - Congratulations! Great work!

Chef Keelan – Pane Vino – Fine Italian Dining

Some great light this evening while working with Keelan on some new headshots. Tried using my huge parabolic umbrella but it almost sent the assistant into the next province….just too windy. instead I optedย  for the California Sunbounce and the Radio Poppers.

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Yiannis Papakostopoulos - Such photos deserve the title “People Poppers”. Don’t they? ๐Ÿ™‚

Khanh & Phil – Wedding – Iberostar Laguna Azul – Cuba

Playing a little catch up, Chantal and I had the great pleasure of spending a week with Khanh & Phil in Cuba early in 2010 at Iberostar Laguna Azul. We even made a trip off the resort to spend a day with Khanh & Phil at our favourite destination location, Havana. Here are a few […]

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Khanh - Someone commented that, “You had an amazing photographer!!! Those shots are pieces of art.” Well, yeah! =)

Jilly - Dad! These wedding pictures are incredible!

Khanh - Seems like people are really diggin’ the red shoes shot…me, I just wanna say God bless you for giving me decent legs =)

Mark Ridout - wait till you see the book…you may want to be wearing a diaper..

Khanh - AHHHHHHHH, these pictures make me want to pee my pants in happiness, they’re so good!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Pic Of The Day

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Raychelle - This is fantastic! You rock ๐Ÿ™‚

Mark Ridout - I assume that you are speaking in reference to the Cuba wedding and the resort HDR image, although you commented here. So I will not answer your question.

Ok sorry just kiddin’.. its 3 exposures, highlights, shadows and mid. I shoot jpeg…process in Photomatix Pro 3 and then tweek in photoshop.

Elma - You’re HDR is so impressive. I want lessons!

Erin Campbell - That’s hilarious!

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