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Our Commitment To Excellence

Ridout Photography has added two more lenses to the bag. This may mean nothing to some of our clients, but to Chantal and I , photography excellence means creating top notch images for our customers with consistent product quality. We can achieve that by having and using the best glass available for our digital cameras. […]

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Jason Bain - keep your eyes on that glass if you come near me!

Lemmings - All you need now is something big and white that looks like a telescope. No not that, something for the camera! Yeah, that’ll get you noticed. If you buy any more lenses you’ll have more selection than a camera store!

Dan Weylie - Nice Mark…very very envious!

Adam Miasik - Why didn’t I get flowers when I brought you a box of chocolates 😉

-Adam Miasik-

Mark Ridout - Its a Holga lens mounted on a Canon.

Jeff Marchant - vay nize… so which lense was this taken with ??

Mark Ridout - Thank you…I have been working my buns off 🙂

Kevin - nice glass

Reene Brydon – Graduating

Reene is going to be graduating in the next few weeks and decided to do a dress rehearsal. Ridout Photography wishes Reene all the best in her University studies. There may be time to squeeze another Grad student in for a personal shoot. Contact Chantal using the contact tab above for availability and pricing.

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Karen Lusk-Robinson - What a beautiful young woman! You look amazing Reenie. Congratulations on your graduation and all the best in your future studies. Your Mom and Dad must be so proud of you!!!

reenie brydon - wow!! I LOVE them! thank you SO much Mark!! Great work yet again!! 🙂

Aunt Lori - Mark, what beautiful pictures…you’ve captured Reenie’s spirit…that’s our girl!

Tanzyn - LOVE them!

Melissa Sky - Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl!! Congrats Reanne!

Aunt Brenda - amazing you captured the beautiful young women we all know and love

Aunt Brenda - We all know Reanne is a beautiful young women with an amazing heart. These photo’s captured that inner spirit!. I too love the one with bella – I think most of us have seen that look and pose from Rennie

Lindsay Hayes - love them!!! beautiful reen! <3

tammy - wow!!! what can I say, they are beautiful Mark!! Love the shot with Bella in it. A proud mother I am.

Pic Of The Day – Osprey

Ken Reid Park has a picturesque marsh boardwalk, as well as other nature trails,  picnic areas and a beach. The lookout area is an excellent place to view Osprey in McLaren Marsh. Taken with the Canon 400mm 2.8 and a Canon EF 2x II extender. I also used Chantals camera the Canon 30d…because it’s faster […]

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Mark Ridout - “I covet what thous has.”
I’ll be posting a complete story on how you CAN get this lens along with some pretty cool portraits and wedding images using this giant. The post is in the works and I’ll let the cat out of the bag in the next little while 🙂

Adam Woodhouse - That is just too wicked!

I covet what thous has.

The Good, Bad and Ugly Awards – 10 William Street South

It’s sad that so many owners of buildings in Lindsay’s downtown core do not value the historic significance of their building or take some pride in preserving the appeal of the downtown streetscape. A recent example is the building at 10 William Street South. The building is a designated “Heritage Landmark” but recently underwent a […]

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Etta Gunsolus - I spent a large portion of my childhood in that building. Although we did not own it, it will always be special to me, no matter what condition. That being said, I believe heritage should be preserved in Lindsay. Wally would get a kick out of this. Cheers.

Tom - Mark you are the Ghandi of the camera world, just a bit heavier and wearing better fitting clothes. Oh yes and you don’t have those crazy little round glasses either.

Mark Ridout - Ummmm…..maybe not a star. I was thinking more a thorn in the ass.

Sacha - Mark, you’re a star… what more need be said? 😉

Lyra - Mark:

I am in no way related to this building or have personal knowledge…my knowledge comes from my own invested interest in a heritage property in Peterborough, I was stating fact on the lack of assistance the Heritage fund and government gives…and I have priced fixing my building and the quotes have never come in under $100,000.00…I support many charities and hope that you do the same…the quote from Ghandi was in reference to Lemmings comment on Legacy – I still maintain people should be leaving the legacies and making the differences in this world…I hope that someday you will photograph the many beautiful heritage buildings in Peterborough…

Mark Ridout - Lyra,
Based upon the personal nature of your comments I trust that you were involved in this architectural atrocity. I’m sorry if the building owners couldn’t afford to do the right thing here. A professed lack of funds doesn’t give them absolution for vandalism. Crying poor is an excuse I would expect of a 13 year old shop lifter. Am I to understand that the renovation didn’t happen because the money was sent to a charity in the name of Ghandi? How patently ridiculous. You should now follow your own logic, sell the building to someone with more civic responsibility, give the proceeds to poor people and board the next plane for the slums of Calcutta. Great quote you used here “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”. I gather from that you would like to see more heritage buildings covered in aluminum. Shame on you for using a great man’s quotes to cover your own poor judgment and lack of civic responsibility.

Garnet - Mark, kudos for having the courage to speak out about the loss of heritage buildings. Lindsay’s downtown is unique, that is for certain. The community has experienced the loss of many wonderful commercial and residential structures, simply because people elected not to make heritage preservation a priority. All to often they cite the “cost is too high” or “it’s not my responsibility” as reasons for not doing what is right and for the benefit of everyone. Preservation of our past is everyone’s responsibility.

Jim - Hey Mark. I am with you. The only appalling thing is what they have done to the structure. It’s like making a distinguished old adult wear short pants in public. Disgusting.
We have our studio in a building that was built in 1870. We love it. Except that they’ve put up an LED screen outside…

Lyra - Dear Mark & Lemmings

I believe that if you want these buildings preseved in such a fashion you should finance these little projects. (Since the Heritage fund and government would not offer the assistance) The cost for a renovation like this (which would be well over $100,000.00) would be better spent by helping the less fortunate or feeding the starving children in this world, it is only a building, lasting impressions and legacies should be made by people not building…

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”
Mohandas Gandhi

Lemmings - “I am sure that a lot of thought and consideration went into this renovation before it happened”.

In life there are times when a picture requires no verbiage, no comment, no verbal notation to guide the onlooker. Some epistles, a casual uncanny thought perhaps, only serve to exacerbate the incorrigible act that has befallen this historical building.

Not only has this Century building been lambasted by commercial grade aluminum, but it must suffer the ridicule of having the Heritage Landmark Corporation of Lindsay plaque still intact. Even airlines have the common sense to paint out any identifying logos on a plane wreck. This is an architectural embarrassment. This is pork with a Fillet Mignon label.

I don’t know what I am more disgusted with. The mess of the building, or individuals that incredibly can muster any degree of cerebral feeling that “it’s OK” to do this to a historical structure.

Your children will surely talk of your stupidity long after you are gone. For it is them that you leave behind to look at it every day.

Nice legacy….

Tom - Mark, if the building owners apply their gift certificate towards wedding photos would you shoot some of the pictures with the aluminum wall as a background or would it wreck the colour balance?

Mark Ridout - Lori & Rebecca,
I’m sorry to hear that you were “appalled by my lack of knowledge”. When it comes to heritage landmark buildings I sometimes miss the finer points of melding new world aluminum with traditional brick construction. What thought process would have been followed for such an approach other than to save money and get the job done quickly? Perhaps you will convince the building owners to submit their handwork for a heritage preservation award or even the Lindsay and District Chamber “Design Improvement Award” and I will be shown the error of my ways. In regard to your second point I’m curious as to how a critique of a building renovation can be seen as a personal attack. Your logic here is as unfathomable as the aluminum siding I first commented on. I believe that it’s appropriate for anyone to express an opinion on what they see in the public domain. If that ruffles a few feathers then so be it. The topic of architectural heritage needs to be discussed and it’s an important dialogue to have. As for me losing customers, I would expect that most people can keep a disagreement over opinions on aluminum siding in perspective. Cheers

Lori & Rebecca - Dear Mark:

After reading your latest “Ugly” award we were appalled at your lack of knowledge. We think you would be better served by getting to know your victims before criticizing them so harshly. The owners of this building are kind and extremely generous people in this community who not only give back to this community they are also very well thought of and respected. I am sure that a lot of thought and consideration went into this renovation before it happened. Such a personal attack is better left elsewhere. We are sure you are only hurting your own business by being so reckless in your opinions.

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