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Canvas Collages Available

Always a thrill when a client allows me to create a project with little direction other then the space they wanted to fill. Each canvas measures 24×24 inches. These fine art high-quality canvases are a great way to display your best photos and your favourite memories. Our plan will be to switch out the images […]

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Gavin - “Beautiful collage – Fantastic work Mark!”

Amanda Pascoe - I absolutely LOVE it!!

D'Arcy - Great work Mark!

Erin Campbell - That is absolutely stunning!!!

Kevin Foster - looks great Mark… they’re hung so even!

Antonina - This is really really nice!

Pic Of The Day – Olympic Torch Canvas

The Olympics have officially started and Ridout Photography in celebration of the event has created a one off 37×42 inch canvas that will be on display in downtown Lindsay next week. The canvas commemorates the run by Jack Prins. Jack Prins was nominated as our community torchbearer to light the celebration cauldron for the Vancouver […]

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Daniela Foster - Absolutely beautiful!

Adam Woodhouse - Nice job!

Mark Ridout - still workin’ on that :)….I’ll post a picture when I get that ironed out

Shawn - Great work Mark. Where exactly is it going to be placed?

Wayne Simpson - I love it Mark! If I were back home in Lindsay I would have to see this canvas for sure! Keep up the great work!


lorenz - Great tribute, wishing Canada the best during the games!!

Pic Of The Day – Ridgetown Ontario Bridesmaid

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Mark Ridout - I have only dabbled in HDR and do like it although I think one needs to be subjective as when to use it and how much. The examples on this blog where I have used it is with Photomatix for the initial effect with some CS4 to finalize the look.

daveo - Appreciate the info Mark. The Sunbounce system looks like just the ticket. I’m using a windshield sunshade from the dollar store, silver one side, white the other. Matches the rest of my camera stuff, not pretty, but gets the job done.
The main thing; don’t keep blasting your subject with flash.
BTW; The photos below are kinda’ good too :>)

scthrash - I’ve loved your work ever since I came across it at the Pro Show website. However I do theatre and sports photography mostly with some personal HDR mixed in when I have time. Do I sense some HDR work mixed in with yours, and if so, CS4, Photomatix, or both together. What is your workflow? I enjoy especially your Cuban work.

Mark Ridout - Good eye!…..I am using a California Sunbounce Pro Zebra reflector. It measures about 4×6 feet. It may even be a tad bigger then that. The whole package is easy to assemble and transport and takes me about 120 seconds to put together. Because it is so light I often bring it along with me and use it myself when I have no second shooter or assistant on the wedding day.

daveo - Another lovely portrait, Mark. Did you use a reflector or other light source on camera left?

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