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Computer in the Garage – No Email – No Productivity

One of my hard drives failed and my master computer is out of commission – and my backup workstation in the garage is freezing right now. It’s December, and the best garage heater wouldn’t help, since it’s a concrete garage. Looks like I won’t be up and running for at least a week.  Contact Chantal […]

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M for Madness - Since you don’t have a New Year thread… let us all here at the Galloway residence wish you, Chantal and Bella a prosperous 2011.

May your order books be brimming with delighted customers and your backpack full of the most expensive glass…

.. and remember… you are another year closer to retirement…

Martin, Leslie, Sean, Ryan, Sarah, Tabby & Abbey.

the big guy - MAC MAC MAC!!!!!!!!!

You must leave the Dark Side!!!!

Angela DeSalvo - I feel your pain Mark, that really blows. When our pc’s die on us again we are switching to MAC. Looking forward to taking a sledge hammer to the computers! Good luck….have a looksy at Drobo products too. Super easy and awesome.

Mukesh Upadhyaya - Dear Mark,

You can access all the data using Acronis Disk Director Suite. I had similar experience a couple of years back, but the data/hard drive was recovered as it was.

Bye, t.c.

Yiannis Papakostopoulos - Mark. I am not sure if you got my e-mail so I am posting my opinion here too. In case of severe bad sector damage due to physical scratching of your HD (that weird sounds the HD’s make in this case) I am sure not even NASA is going to get your lost data back. And I am afraid neither will any NAS…Anything or simple raid solution is going to secure the rest of it (the real photo data stored probably in your raid so far unharmed). Daveo is right in the general idea. HD imaging software is the only cost/performance secure way to go and I would add “if you are not a server based at least raid 5 certified and supported company with an IT department of your own”. And even this case there is no Mac or PC issue since both use the same HD solutions from standard manufacturers in the market. So I would suggest buying “Enterprise disks” (somewhat more expensive) and using something like “Acronis True Image Workstation with Universal Restore disk” imaging software which will require a little bit more understanding and interaction from your side but will definitely secure more not only of your photo data but your operating system, programs and settings allowing you to recover even to a completely new hardware (i.e. motherboard or other major hardware change)

Mark Ridout - I have more back up then NASA

Mark Ridout - Yep….data recovery on the C drive…holds all my programs etc. I also have a raid set up but this particular drive won’t copy….

Pam Stritzel - A friend who’s a computer whiz tells me Mac is THE way to go.

daveo - Hi Mark. Really sorry to hear about your hard drive crash, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why it would take a week to get you back up and running. Unless the shop is sending the hard drive to a data recovery service?

All my computers hard drives are imaged, so matter what happens, including a dead drive, I can get back up and running quickly as possible. The only thing I have to do after the drive image is taken is regular back-ups. I use Drive Snapshot plus Bart PE, but lots of image software out there.

Still using Windows XP, see no urgent need to switch to Win 7. Not much difference between a Mac and PC hardware wise, only a different operating system… my 2 cents :>)

M for Madness - I hope you had a back-up system in place. An external HDD at least to put all your gems. You can buy 2 Terrabyte externals nowadays for $150.00 at Bestbuy.
No blogging for a week… oh noooooo. Now i’m going to have to watch CNN instead 🙁


Back To Business – Lindsay Good Award

The council of 2010-2014 was sworn in at city hall last Monday, and for that we offer this Months Good Award to all returning and new  members of council. Lets make the next four years of council the best yet…..I don’t want to have to hand out any bad awards 😉   There will be no gift […]

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Michael Campbell - Dear Mark,

I have been a follower of your slideshow for quite sometime.

It’s only after viewed Jeremy and Joyce in Paris that I had to

write to enquire what the name of the tracks were that

accompanied the slideshow.

Kind Regards Michael Campbell

C l i e n t   G a l l e r i e s
S h o p p i n g