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page gets a car = happy granddaughter

We paid a short visit to Barrie last week to visit Page our Granddaughter and Jennifer. She is growing like a weed and makes the greatest little faces. 🙂

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Yannis Papakostopoulos - Incredible kid, composition, color, light and postproc. Makes you want to look at them for ever. Love the buttons. Hope she gives you more “little faces” to shoot for a long time and us to enjoy both of you. I think you should learn some faces and try to imitate. That would be really fun to see. Thanks for sharing and most of all “exposing”.

Valerie Hartin - Wow Mark these are magnificent pictures of your Granddaughter! I love the intense blue in her eyes against the Autumn colours. I know a proud Grandpa when I see one. Thanks for sharing:)

Jill! - You can tell I’m related! Just cause shes sooooooooo cute<3

michelle - adorable girl. so proud to be her aunt michelle ‘millie’

thank you – top five achieved

Thank you to everyone that took the time to click away….I am very appreciative and humbled Dear Mark Ridout: Congratulations!  You have been voted one of our five Unsung Heroes and have won a spread in the November issue of Rangefinder magazine.

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judy kay bryan - Dear Mark, Congrats! I admire your work and will be calling one day when my Beautiful daughter gets married!! Thanks, J,Kay

Mark Ridout - Tom…my Dear Brother,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was going to buy you Leaf tickets but after finding out they haven’t won a game yet, I thought I would just drop by your office with a six pack and something to poke your eyes out with.

Tom - Mark, I voted for you……2,800 clicks later….my bloody finger feels like it’s bursting a blood vessel. When do you send me the hockey tickets?

Sarah Jeynes - Congrats Mark! You are the best! I voted and checked out some of the other sites too. Great shots by some amazing artists. You’re number one in our books! wooot woot!

Adam Miasik - Does that mean I can stop clicking that damn button? BTW, please spell my name right this time on the cheque, Thanks Mark!

Michael Moore - Well deserved…and long overdue. I “heart” your shooting…and the slide show is the icing on the cake.

Hodgy - YA MAN!! Congratulations buddy, it is well deserved!!!! I have always admired your work and I’m proud to call you a friend. 🙂

Paul Schmidt - You’re a winner!

Angela - Wicked! Just promise you won’t turn into a rock star like so many American photographres! Keep on keepin on.

Phyllis Knight - That’s wonderful!! Congratulations!! I can’t wait to read your article.

Shawn - Well Done Mark! I guess you can achieve greatness with a Canon! LOL Again, Congratulations.

karen - Yeah!

Dave and Trish Harden - Congratulations Mark that is awesome and well deserved!

Wayne Simpson - Congrats Mark, well deserved!

Yannis Papakostopoulos - Dear Mark,

I don’t really know what that means for you, but for the rest of us (fans) that’s of no surprise. We all voted for the best and I believe some of us didn’t have the time and knowledge to do better.
As you know time is essential and valuable even for the fans and customers but some things are vital to us and we don’t know how to express them. Maybe that is the main reason that you have that “virtual” lower ranking that you (and the rest of us) would expect.
Besides that, I think we all voted for you because you really really give us each time a new perspective of how things should be in our world. And for that we are truly thankful. (I just hope you never run for a politician)….
Ranking the top or not Mark will always be in our hearts. Forever. Unless he forgets.
Just keep sending us your “signal” and we’ll keep on responding accordingly.

Kristen - Was there ever any doubt? Congratulations, Mark!

pic of the day = fall color from oakwood ontario

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M for Madness - Yes very nice. Most pundits would comment on the vivacious tree colour and it’s striking warm colour against the cool blue sky.

But what makes the shot is the layered foreground effect and that fortuitous white cloud on the right preventing the eye from running out of the frame.

It was probably taken with an expensive camera too….
Maybe it’s time I upgraded my Kodak Brownie.


cheryl - The colours are so brilliant – you can almost smell them – I want to be there.

Wayne Simpson - Very nice simple landscape Mark. Love the colour and composition!


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