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friends + flash + laZboy = fun

James and Jocelyne who run a successful studio in Sudbury Ontario along with Jose Paulo another well established excellent photographer(not to mention a 2009 finalist for Canadian Photographic Artist of the Year) stopped in this weekend to spread the love. We all had fun taking a few hours off to shoot and share some thoughts […]

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Adam Miasik - Hey Mark, can I have my chair back. I’ll need it this weekend.

Amanda - Love the photo of you and Chantal! Your glasses are mid-air too! Funny.

Mark Ridout - Sarah…that’s the beauty of having extra light sources other then the sun 🙂 or clouds in this case. Getting different looks from one location can be achieved when you have a little time to play around.

Sarah Jeynes - How do you get it so dark (like it’s a storm a brewin) and then so light right after?? Very cool! We checked out Hodge’s pics too…awesome!

sarah + brett = one step closer

Sarah and Brett have made it official. The entire neighborhood heard screams of joy as Sarah shared her news with Chantal this evening. Lynn (Sarah’s Mom) and Chantal are close friends. Wedding is expected to take place in 2010…no official date has been announced as of this post….but it should be a great party!

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Jodie - This is Spectacular news and a Spectacular picture! All the best Sarah and Sacha can’t wait to see your pics.

Sacha - Beautiful shot! Beautiful ring! GORGEOUS couple… so happy for you guys! xxoo

Janet - Amazing as usual Mark! But my gosh where did that 5 year old little girl I first met go! They make an Awesome couple!

Kari - My girl is getting married! I couldn’t be happier for the beautiful couple! xoxo Kari

chantal - I am losing my voice…, my vocal cords are very sore today:)

Lynn - What a beautiful shot Mark. Could it be the “Invitation” in the making? Chantal, your reaction was PRICELESS!!!

sarah + andrew = married

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Collette - Heyy Ms.Leering!
(well not anymore) 😛
just wanted to say congrats and i wish you both the best of luck!
maybe me and safina will see you on our p.a. day.
btw, you look reeeeeeeeeally pretty!!!

Your old and favourite student, Safina - Mrs leering, you look gorgeous! Congrats 😀

Kristy - Your pictures look amazing Sarah! Beautiful!

Penny Brown - The pics are stunning. Especially love the one on the hill.

Cathy Emery - Beautiful pictures Sarah, I love them.
Love and Best wishes for a wonderful life together.

Jennifer Leering - Thank you so much – what lovely pictures and that is only a snapshot. Looking forward to the rest.

Joelle - Your pictures look beautifulllll! Congrats to the two of you!

Sarah Jeynes - LOVE THEM!!! Thanks sooo much!!! ‘bump it up’ haha

Pic Of The Day – follow me

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Daniel Ribeiro - Congratulations for the photos, good work!

Lake Tahoe wedding photographers - Timeless picture!!!

Melanie - Awesome pic- lovely composition and framing. Marc the tilt shift action I mentioned on twitter is part of the Parker J Pfister Digital Darkroom set: http://www.parkerjphoto.com/pjddrv2/

There is a tilt lens1 and tilt lens 2 – there are examples that are shown in the preview on the above link…you may have used these before and forgot you had them? Really nice textures and glass textures in Edgewash…just ordered the presets from Parker last week…

steven somfalvi - love, Love, LOVE that shot!

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