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Tommy Boy – Shootin’ With Burke & James

The only reason I would ever shoot film again would be to hear the shutter from my Hassleblad or better yet photograph with my “older” brothers camera.  Looks like I may have to take a road trip with him 🙂 The camera is a Burke and James ‘Orbitar’, circa late 1950’s 65mm f/8 Schneider Kreuznach […]

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David - Fantastic photographs. That is some seriously lovely detail.
I would love to see the camera. I found one years ago, but the person I bought it from packed it poorly and it’s in need of some serious repair. Mine is just a flat box, about an inch thick, with a ground glass spring back and an engraved plate on the front with “Orbitar / 4×5 Wide Angle / Manufactured by / Burke & James, Inc., Chicago, Ill, U.S.A.

D'Arcy - Nothing comes close to being as sexy as Black and White film. Mark, we have to take the “Blads” out for a walk one day! Cheers! D’Arcy

Pic Of The Day

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Mark Ridout - Deep in the bowels of the Lindsay Courthouse

Shawn - Great photo. Glad to see some “business” related photos. Where did you shoot this? There aren’t too many left with bars any more.

Danilo Máximo - Hi Mr. Ridout, I attended some of your lectures here in São Paulo / Brazil, and beyond all of the technical you are very funny, but back to your work. I would like to know how you do this… like it was sand or grain in the picture. Pic of the Day 07.30.2009
Regardless of the response… beautiful work… congratulations.

Curt & Jessica – Sault Ste Marie Wedding Adventure

As a photographer it is always an honour and very humbling when a fellow wedding photographer asks you to capture their special day.  Although I no longer feel the least bit nervous when documenting a wedding their is a little bit of anxiety when photographing another professional photographer. I want to exceed their vision of […]

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Darren Williams - What a great job. Lovely pictures. Amazing

Tony Fanning ¦ North Wales photographer - Woo, go Curt. Terrific wedding pics. Love `em!

Sarah Jeynes - Looks like tons of fun! Awesome shots and awesome cottage! That’s so cool that you got to see that again! Love the guys wearing sneaks! 🙂

Tom - Mark, that’s a great picture of Balmoral. Brings back some great memories. You can’t even see where we lit the side of the cottage on fire 30 years ago when we shot that roman candle at you!

Heather Kozack - I am SO excited to see more! antsy pants over here!!!

Andrew Ross - Awesome photos…my baldness showed through yet did not detract from all the other baldness in that wedding party. Seriously though, excellent pictures Mark!

Jes - Love them! Can’t wait to see the rest!

Chantal the number one Assistant - Thanks Dennis

Carol Martin - Beautiful photos of a gorgeous day! Love the way the couple’s fun-loving quirkiness comes through in images that will be beautiful and memorable to all through all the days to come. Great job!

Jenn - I love, love, love the gutpunch shot. So much fun!

Mike Hodson - Curt has been bragging for months, how he was going to have Mark Ridout shoot his wedding…now we can see why. Great work Mark.

Dennis Oneil - Great pictures… all I can say is I want to see more.
This guy took good pictures but I also think that his assistant was the brains behind the MAN.

Lindsay - You did an amazing job. I love the photos.

curtoneil - Simply awesome Mark. Love them – especially the ones that I’m in. And the “traditional punting of the bouquet” is a Curt creation, something for the grooms out there. I also believe a certain photographer told me to lick the knife and I’ve been getting yelled at for it ever since (and not by Jes). Big high fives!

Robert Whetton - Dorset Events Photographer - Curt is the Man!!

Jessica looks gorgeous tho! looks like you guys had an amazing day 😀

love the fight shot 🙂

Jessica Portelli-Ward - beautiful pictures! amazing wedding! congrats jes and curt!

Sandra Coutu - Great photos!!! I really like the one of Jes on the haystacks!

Gareth Heesom - Curt is the Man!!! Awesome Wedding.

Diana & Serdjo – beautiful wedding light

A sneak peak as I edit away:)

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Darren Williams - stunning!

Melanie - HOly ####!! Sir. That is quite incredible! I’m going to lose sleep over how much that one inspires…awesome.

Diana Lakich - Wow!!!! we love the first photo and are so excited to see more:) Can’t wait.

Adam Woodhouse - The first image is exceptional.

Brigitte - Ahhh Mark these are awesome!!!

Mark Ridout - Albert….you are correct. I am using direct flash(no diffusers) from 2 Vivitar 3900 flashes that are rigged up to pocket wizards and being held by two of the ushers at approx. 45 degrees on each side of me.

Erin - Absolutely stunning!!!

Albert - Love the lighting here mark, two flash setup?

Jenn - That first shot is breathtaking. I can’t stop staring at it.

Eva Johansson - Ohh… how beautiful!!

Pic Of The Day

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Amanda Pascoe - Well that is weird!

Sarah Jeynes - YEAH!!! That is some big scary bling! Love it! I’m excited to see more peeks on your blog 🙂 Did you see the bumpit commercial yet Mark? haha

Jes - Ok I love this. I wish we had done it hahahaha

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